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July 6, 2022 by Kat Garbis

Jamf + Cisco improving remote and hybrid work environments

At the most recent Cisco Live event, we saw a massive interest in Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and solutions that empower remote workers. Read on and watch the video to learn about how Jamf Pro integrates with and extends Cisco’s enterprise networking solutions.

The 2022 Cisco Live event in Las Vegas was a great time to explore the newest products and trends in network and security technology. We saw a huge emphasis on the importance of ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access), an approach that enforces robust security practices for accessing sensitive resources regardless of what network a user is on. With this focus, Jamf customers are in a great position as organizations continue to explore cloud-based solutions that integrate with Cisco’s networking capabilities.

This year attendees had the opportunity not only to learn about the exciting updates to Jamf’s security portfolio, but also to find information about the numerous existing integrations that Jamf has to support Cisco products. I had the privilege of presenting an in-person session at the event, detailing the key Jamf Pro integrations that tie the Jamf and Cisco ecosystems together.

Jamf Pro integrations for popular Cisco solutions

You can catch the entire talk above, but what follows provides a complementary overview of what integrations Jamf offers and how customers can use them to optimize their management capabilities for Apple devices. If you’re interested in finding a bit more detail or you’re not in a good place to watch a video, this white paper provides a helpful look at what organizations can do to combine Jamf and Cisco solutions for better management workflows.

Fastlane+ – Organizations can improve the Wi-Fi experience for employees using Cisco’s Fastlane+ and Jamf Pro. This Cisco solution allows IT admins to optimize iOS client roaming with adaptive 802.11r. To start out, they simply identify which applications they want to prioritize on the network. After configuring the network to enable Fastlane+, they can then use Jamf Pro to configure it on the device level.

Cisco SecureX – SecureX provides unified endpoint security, showing device insights to support a cohesive process that includes endpoint detection and security, antivirus and more. With this integration, admins can switch seamlessly between the SecureX and Jamf Pro dashboards to prevent threats and review possible issues on their Apple endpoints.

Cisco ISE – Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE) provides secure zero-touch network access to users and devices. With this integration, ISE can communicate with Jamf Pro and verify that the computers and mobile devices on a network are in compliance with the organization’s standards. When ISE is integrated with Jamf’s device management capabilities, admins can extend its power to identify, contain and remediate threats more quickly and efficiently.

DUO – A popular solution for multi-factor authentication (MFA), DUO has a Trusted Endpoints feature that lets admins define and manage specific endpoints and grant them secure access to the organization’s applications. When DUO is integrated with Jamf Pro, it can identify unmanaged devices and block their access to various applications.

Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour – Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) works to make enterprise networks simpler and more intuitive. Organizations can use Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour to enable mDNS service routing for Apple devices.

Webex – Webex provides a number of communication tools to power collaboration, from video and voice capabiltiies to features like augmented reality (AR). Jamf makes it easy for Webex users to get the most out of these tools. Thisintegration lets admins deploy and configure Webex so it is geared to an organization’s needs, also ensuring that it is up to date on users’ managed Mac and mobile devices.

Jamf security solutions protecting remote workforces

Jamf not only works with and extends Cisco’s products, but also offers security solutions that can help organizations offering “work from anywhere” policies with Apple technology. These include:

  • Mobile cloud security (Jamf Threat Defense, Jamf Data Policy, Jamf Private Access) – Our cross-platform security solutions help defend mobile endpoints both on and off the network, supporting managed and unmanaged devices and offering enhanced privacy for “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) users.
  • Jamf Protect – Our endpoint security solution for Mac lets admins monitor and prevent viruses, malware, ransomware, script-based attacks, zero-day threats and more.
  • Jamf Compliance Reporter – macOS compliance is easy with this solution, which can feed information to SIEMs such as Splunk.

To sum up, Jamf has many ways to extend Cisco and other enterprise software solutions to:

  • Make Apple easy;
  • Provide readily available integrations;
  • Enable secure hybrid office environments; and
  • Maximize IT investments

Want to learn more about how to start leveraging our pre-built Cisco integrations?

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Kat Garbis
Kat Garbis is channel program manager at Jamf, supporting sales initiatives in enterprise markets.
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