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May 24, 2021 by Sam Weiss

Jamf + Cisco: Delivering greater insight to your Apple ecosystem

Cisco partners with Jamf, creating further integration between their SecureX product and Jamf Pro to deliver greater insight into endpoints and device health with holistic workflows that simplify device management and remediation for IT.

Multiple tools to ensure security

IT organizations of all sizes rely on a growing number of tools to deliver on their critical business goals. While you might be enrolling all your Apple devices in Jamf, you’re likely also using tools like Cisco AMP, Umbrella or Duo to provide a holistically secure experience despite the disparate systems needed to keep users secure.

Aggregate data can show missed devices

It can be quite alarming to discover that despite being in one system of record or security system, that a device or group of users has somehow been missed. It’s only when looking at this data in aggregate that these patterns can be noticed and then, more importantly, acted upon.

As a leader in enterprise mobility solutions, Cisco has enhanced their turnkey SecureX product with the addition of Device Insights. This provides a comprehensive view of the security posture of each device from your entire security stack. From a single pane of glass, administrators can see key inventory details from Jamf, Cisco products and other integrated third-party tools.

Device Insights enables your organization to:

  • Identify gaps in control coverage, build custom policies and explore opportunities for playbook-driven automation
  • Enrich, simplify and automate security investigations with a holistic view of Apple device data, enhanced with context from your mobile device management tool
  • Use correlated endpoints for contextual awareness to identify and isolate endpoints ensnared in cyber-attacks
  • Proactively resolve configuration problems that could prevent network access for users before it becomes a help desk problem

Visibility into critical data points

In addition to reporting on the security profile of your devices, Device Insights also provides unified visibility of critical data points. These can be used to drive business decisions that align more closely with an organization’s vision. Common IT-related concerns about inventory and asset management are just as easy to address as network concerns given the single-pane-of-glass view into all your network-connected devices. By leveraging the link between Cisco and Jamf’s dashboards, admins can quickly jump from SecureX back into Jamf Pro to mitigate risks and perform triage on issues detected in Apple endpoints. This allows IT to pivot to remedial workflows, addressing issues as part of a single cohesive process.

Jamf Pro’s integration with SecureX is another great example of the partnership between Cisco, Jamf and the Apple ecosystem. Building upon the foundation of existing integrations, like Cisco ISE and Fast Lane, SecureX Device Insights highlights another way that Jamf and Cisco are helping organizations succeed with Apple.

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