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August 23, 2018 by Garrett Denney

Jamf Now adds custom iOS app and macOS package deployment in Jamf Now Plus plan

The Jamf Now Plus plan is a new premium tier of service which offers all of the features available with Jamf Now Standard, plus custom iOS app and macOS package deployment. Get the details.

For three years, Jamf Now has been a tool that streamlines some of the most complicated workflows of mobile device management (MDM).

We’re excited to announce that Jamf Now is continuing to evolve by adding support for two powerful new features: custom iOS app (.ipa) deployment and macOS package (.pkg) deployment.

Two incredible features in the Jamf Now Plus plan

One of our design pillars is to build software that helps our customers transform business processes. When we added Web Clips and OS Updates earlier this year, we made sure to add them in a way that meshed with existing workflows so users could spend less time learning a new process, less time working on MDM and more time focused on growing their business.

Jamf’s mission statement is: Helping organizations succeed with Apple. With the addition of custom iOS app and macOS package deployment, we’re enabling even greater success with the Apple platform by empowering you to deploy any app in your environment, regardless of where it’s sold or how it’s developed.

Custom iOS apps

With custom iOS app deployment, you’re able to deploy and manage any app your team needs — no matter where it lives.

In addition to our existing support for App Store and B2B App Store apps, custom iOS apps developed in house or by a third party are now easy to deploy with Jamf Now. Simply add a custom iOS app (.ipa file) to your account via the top-level Apps menu, then begin assigning that custom app to Blueprints as needed.

macOS packages

Whether you are looking to deploy an app not currently listed in the Mac App Store or want to utilize the advanced workflow of building your own packages, now you can take your macOS management to new heights with package deployment.

Jamf Now plans

We are also giving you more options based on the functionality you need by offering two plans: Standard and Plus.

Jamf Now Standard contains all of the current features up until this point. From configuring device settings to setting minimum security standards, Standard is designed from the ground up to give you more time in your work week by rapidly modernizing your device management workflows.

Jamf Now Standard is still just $2/device/month for all devices in your account.

The Jamf Now Plus plan is a new premium tier of service. Designed for users that need more advanced features in a streamlined, easy-to-use MDM tool. The Plus plan contains all of the features available in Standard as well as custom iOS app deployment and macOS package deployment.

Jamf Now Plus is available today and is $4/device/month for all devices in your account.

Whichever plan is right for you and your organization, Standard and Plus give you the flexibility to choose a Jamf Now experience that fits your needs and arms you with appropriate tools. No matter which plan you end up on, you can continue to enjoy the most streamlined MDM experience in the industry with both Jamf Now plans.

Next Steps

The new features and service plans are available immediately. Head to www.jamfnow.com for more information about custom app and package deployment and to create an account.

If you already have a Jamf Now account, log in and compare the new plans.

Garrett Denney
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