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March 25, 2022 by Danny Porter

Improving work-life balance through TRUCE’s contextual solutions

Through an integration with Jamf Pro, TRUCE software offers a unique experience management package for employees. Employers can use their Contextual Mobility Management (CMM) solutions to help maintain work-life balance in an increasingly remote workforce.

Gone are the days when any computer or device would do the job for employees. More than ever, employees demand getting to work on the devices and use the technology that helps them feel most empowered to do their work. I recently heard a friend share that he asked the recruiter during an interview what technology they offered their employees. When the recruiter responded Windows, without any option for choosing Apple, my friend graciously declined the offer to work at this company.

There used to be a stigma around using Apple in the enterprise, but over the last ten years, Apple has continued to make great strides in making their devices the go-to choice for employees and employers alike. A recent study commissioned by Jamf learned that, “In fact, almost 9 out of 10 respondents surveyed said choosing their work device was of importance to them (87%) and they’d even be willing to sacrifice part of their salary (89%) to be empowered to choose their technology.” Using tools like Jamf to simplify workflows and elevate the security posture of an organization, IT leaders can allow employees to choose the devices that they use at home.

Seeking work-life balance in the digital workplace

At Jamf, we empower people to choose the device that will help them be the most effective and the most successful for their role. We believe that every employee who wants to choose Apple should be empowered to choose Apple. And with the workforce now being more free to work from anywhere, the devices they choose can help make that experience at work, at home or at the campsite possible.

But what do we do to make sure our employees create healthy rhythms when the boundaries between work and pleasure are blurred? Some of us used to turn off the computer at the end of the day, leave our devices at work, drive home and not worry about an email, phone call or Slack message on our devices. Now our spare bedroom, living room or kitchen table is our desk, our office, our workspace. Can the technology we use help us not only be effective in our work, but also help us be effective in “turning off” when the day is done?

TRUCE Software’s Contextual Mobility Management solutions

That’s why Jamf partners with TRUCE Software, the leading provider of Contextual Mobility Management (CMM) solutions for businesses. TRUCE provides the additional layer of context to empower and equip users with the apps and tools they need to be successful wherever they may be. Whether employees are showing up on the job site or signing in for the day, TRUCE helps them to safeguard boundaries and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In a recent study from TRUCE Software, they asked workers to weigh in on how technology can help elevate the employee experience. With the ability to choose their own devices, “31% of respondents also shared that enforcing work-life boundaries is the best way employers can attract, retain and empower employees.” And with the ability to choose, Jamf learned that “77% of employees that currently have a choice program in their organization would choose to work at a company, or choose to stay at that company that offers a similar program.” Choice and context are a winning combination.

We all want to create a great experience for our employees and help elevate their work-life rhythms to attract, retain and empower workers. With Jamf and TRUCE, employers can have the peace of mind knowing that their employees will have all that they need when they need it, but when they’re off the clock or off the premises, their technology won’t get in the way.

Get started now using Jamf Pro and TRUCE to help keep employees secure, safe and supported with technology, applications and security wherever they are.

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Danny Porter
Red Canary
Danny Porter is a Technology Partner Manager at Red Canary. He's passionate about building the ecosystem of technology integrations to help companies succeed in fulfilling their mission without fear of cyber attack.
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