What is the Jamf Trust app?

The Jamf Trust app — a part of your Jamf Protect, Jamf Connect or Jamf Safe Internet deployment — gives employees and end users access to the tools they need while keeping their devices secure.

June 6 2023 by

Mignon Wagner

Employee using the Jamf Trust app on their Jamf-managed Mac and iPhone

What is the Jamf Trust app?

Jamf Trust is a user-facing app that assists in providing security and compliance solutions for organizations while ensuring a simple and intuitive interface for users. It allows admins to protect devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops from various security risks while simultaneously ensuring user data remains private.

Below, we'll show what it's like to use the Jamf Trust app on iOS. From left to right, the app 1) shows a secure connection has been made through ZTNA; 2) scans for security events and prompts the user that an event requires their attention; 3) displays a security notification in the app while giving the user an overview of the issue and prompting action to resolve it.

Seen here is Jamf Trust on macOS prompting the user to enable ZTNA:

Prompt to enable ZTNA on macOS from Jamf Trust

There are various services that the Jamf Trust app is able to support. These include:

  • Endpoint and network security: Threat prevention and device protection to keep your systems safe from cyber threats. This protection includes vulnerability assessments, app scans, device behavior anomaly detection and network-based security protections.
  • Internet content and data controls: Comprehensive content filtering and data usage reporting tools.
  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA): Providing the balance between productivity and security by ensuring that access to sensitive data and work apps is only made available to authorized users.
  • Employee badge: Allows for physical building passes to be issued through an individual’s digital mobile wallet.

How can I configure the app?

Organizations can adjust their required services using the admin console, called Radar, where they can configure and allocate devices to specific groups (e.g. departments, user permissions, etc.) defined when creating an Activation Profile. Activation Profiles provide an easy method to bundle services and allocate these devices into defined groups which may have their own specific configurations.

Deploying these Activation Profiles can easily be done via:

  • Distribution via a UEM or MDM (recommended): A device- and platform-specific profile is generated within Radar that can be deployed to managed devices. This profile references the Activation Profile in its payload to begin the activation process.
  • Shareable link (also known as Open Enrollment): This provides a unique URL that can be shared with users. Opening this link will automatically launch the Jamf Trust app and begin the activation process. This is usually most appropriate for unmanaged devices.

The Jamf Trust app supports user enrollment so users can safely use their personal devices for work purposes, like in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, without having to worry about their privacy. The Jamf Trust app fully supports the separation of work and personal data. On Android, this includes the use of the “work” profile. On devices that are personally owned, users are able to toggle their services on or off according to their schedule. They will not be able to access any organization resources while this service is off, making it easy for organizations to restrict access when necessary and ensuring users are empowered.

On corporate-owned and fully managed devices, this can be configured to be continuously enforced to ensure data and device compliance is always monitored.

The Jamf Trust app is in a unique position to combine several of these services to achieve Trusted Access, ensuring security and productivity without any compromise. To dive into its architecture, demos or examples check out the Trusted Access Solution Center.

Is Jamf Trust safe?

Yes! Communications between the app and the Jamf Security Cloud are secured using industry-standard encryption protocols, ensuring that all data transmitted between the device and the network is fully protected.

Crucially, the app protects user privacy by only collecting the necessary data to ensure compliance defined by enterprise security policies and does not access any personal data on the device. This means that employees can use their devices for personal purposes without compromising their privacy. For this, enterprises can choose which data points to collect and can configure the app to automatically delete data after a set period.

Is Jamf Trust only applicable for enterprise?

The primary problems that the Jamf Trust app aims to solve are often related to enterprise, but many problems that organizations face are not specific to a certain industry or size.

As the Jamf Trust app is flexible, it can be configured according to your organization’s needs. A notable example is that the Jamf Trust app is now used as part of Jamf Safe Internet — aimed at educational institutions. Just like employees expect their privacy to be respected on their devices, so do students who require an environment to explore and learn while ensuring that they are still protected. Jamf Safe Internet and the Jamf Trust app prevents them from getting into trouble without surveillance.

The app is equally appropriate to any organization size from a handful of devices to large multinational fleets.

Where can I download Jamf Trust?

The Jamf Trust is available through:

  • App Store for devices running iOS, iPadOS or macOS
  • Play Store for devices running Android. An APK version is also available.
  • A direct download for Windows devices

For more information on the relevant system requirements please refer to our system requirements documentation.

Overall, Jamf Trust provides organizations with a set of comprehensive security solutions to safeguard their devices, protect sensitive data and maintain compliance with relevant regulations.

Want to learn more about how to use Jamf Trust and Radar? Our teams are regularly updating our documentation with easy-to-follow instructions to get up and running!

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