Jamf welcomes Freshservice to the Jamf Marketplace

Organizations using Jamf Pro and Freshservice can now sync their macOS, iOS and tvOS devices that are managed in Jamf Pro to Freshservice asset management. Get the full details.

November 7 2018 by

Charles Edge

What is ITSM?

IT is hard and can be expensive. It takes a lot to deliver IT services well. A number of things go into architecting, building, owning, maintaining, supporting, and ultimately owning the full lifecycle of IT services required to keep a modern organization humming.

Just as most devices that a modern IT department owns are there to facilitate business automation, there are now a slew of solutions that are dedicated to the automation of IT itself. ITSM (or IT Service Management) refers to software that automates the management and delivery of IT services. Freshservice is a customer support platform that allows IT managers and admins to provide awesome support for end users, aligning with the IT Infrastructure Library, or ITIL, a common framework for establishing ITSM.

Jamf Pro has all of the information about your Apple devices that can be collected. This includes your assets, various alerts and updates. With the new integration between Freshservice and Jamf Pro, you can sync all of that data with Freshservice and trigger detailed, custom workflows, automate ticketing, change management, incident management, a full-service catalog and release management. The best part is that Freshservice is a simple tool to use. You can build complex workflows that automate the management of Apple devices, without writing code or understanding every little detail of how your Macs and iOS devices actually work. Together, we are democratizing the practice of managing Apple in your organization.

What does this integration include?

Organizations using Jamf Pro and Freshservice can now sync their macOS, iOS and tvOS devices that are managed in Jamf Pro to Freshservice asset management. This will allow organizations to manage the lifecycle of all their devices in Freshservice, including devices fetched from Jamf and provide agents the information they need to perform their service desk operations efficiently.

Once the assets are synced into Freshservice, you can:

  • Provide a single pane of glass for an asset manager to see all of the devices in Freshservice, including devices that have been synchronized from Jamf
  • Help the asset manager gather insights about the asset lifecycle and inventory related reports
  • Complete the service fulfillment process by tagging the asset to the service request and the user
  • Bring in better visibility into any issues being faced by an end user (in the form of ticket) by identifying what devices the end user has
  • Provide better insights to an asset manager into the financial details of the asset such as costs, warranty and contract expiry information

More visibility equals better results

Ultimately, we all know that the more information we have at our fingertips, the more problems we can solve. Giving service desk teams the ability to see device details means teams won’t have to learn how to use multiple products. Giving management a tool to see management and ownership costs allows IT and line of business management to be able to make smart decisions about resourcing teams. And giving insight to desktop technicians about device history means they can resolve tickets faster and keep users efficient for longer.

But the most important aspect about getting information about your Apple devices into Freshservice is going to be that you can then key powerful workflows based on data that only Jamf can provide, allowing you to scale your IT operations faster, and let your coworkers have a better experience with their Apple devices.

To learn more about this exciting new integration, see https://marketplace.jamf.com/details/freshservice/ on the Jamf Marketplace or https://apps.freshservice.com/jamf/ in Freshservice apps.

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