How to streamline healthcare IT workflows with automation

Learn how Jamf Automation and Webhook Assistant (JAWA) helps streamline device management for healthcare IT admins and end users.

February 23 2023 by

Laurie Mona

Girl in hospital bed looks at iPad managed by Jamf Pro.

The digital transformation of work, increasing mobilization and user choice all have tremendous impact not only on enterprise organizations, but also in the healthcare space.

Today, modern healthcare IT and InfoSec teams need to balance the desire to enable modern devices – connecting users, resources and data – with the ability to manage diverse risk.

The solution to successfully modernize healthcare device management: IT process automation with Jamf. Of particular note to this discussion is the Jamf Automation and Webhook Assistant (JAWA), an open-source utility on Jamf Marketplace/GitHub.

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In our webinar, Reinventing IT: Cutting Through Complexity with Automation, we discuss IT concerns unique to healthcare, how manual IT tasks can be automated with integration frameworks like JAWA, and how automation can solve key user and IT problems at scale.

We also learn how Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center uses Jamf automation tools and frameworks to scale, stabilize and secure mobility and deliver new patient and clinical experiences on iOS, iPadOS and tvOS devices.

Manage, secure and extend Apple in healthcare

Presenter Adam Mahmud, Jamf Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Healthcare, discusses the growth factors and trends in healthcare technology.

The broad adoption of cloud, mobile and hybrid work has introduced new requirements that must be managed, posing significant challenges to the security of modern healthcare.

Whether the concern is how to ensure staff are properly accessing sensitive data, or how to manage organizationally owned devices provided for patient use, the challenge is the same: providing the best user experience, while maintaining security and compliance.

Mahmud explores the Jamf solutions offered to manage and secure any Apple footprint, including not only core Jamf products, but patented industry workflows:

  • Healthcare Listener – automated bedside device management
  • Jamf Setup and Reset – simple provisioning and app refreshment
  • Virtual Visits – video conferencing automation

Power of automation

When it comes to streamlining device management, the key to freeing up workers from the drudgery of repetitive tasks is workflow automation.

As discussed by Chris Ball, Jamf Senior Sales Engineer, HiEd/Healthcare, successful automations are enhanced workflows that simplify success at scale.

The core pillars required for successful automation include:

  • Scalability
  • Dependability
  • Customizability
  • Extensibility
  • Precision

Jamf Pro includes powerful automations to simplify IT process management and automate device management tasks. Ball demonstrates how it’s also easy to expand your automation capabilities by using additional adjacent systems such as Jamf’s webhooks and the Jamf Automation and Webhook Assistant (JAWA).

Ball presents a detailed workflow for how JAWA may be used for device enrollment events, as well as different kinds of communication flows.

Automation in practice: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Finally pulling together how all these powerful tools can be put to practical use, Walter Dobbins, Lead Administrator, Client Systems, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, explains how his organization uses technology to improve outcomes and partner in the care and wellness of their patients.

Over the past five years, the hospital's focus has changed to becoming a more mobile workforce implementing iOS devices for nursing care, and more importantly improving patient experience.

He’s seen iOS devices for nursing care and patient experience grow in number significantly, from managing around 1,000 mobile devices, to managing over 1,800 macOS devices and over 7,500 iOS, iPadOS and tvOS devices, with the majority of iPadOS and tvOS devices placed in patient rooms as part of their wellness care.

The IT teams struggled to handle the growth with existing management systems. The solution to make their management as seamless as possible: Jamf Pro, Healthcare Listener and Jamf integrations such as JAWA for automations.

To hear more about Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s experience with Jamf Pro, JAWA and their successful results with automations, check out the webinar below.

Watch the full webinar to learn more about simplifying your IT with automations.

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