PlayerLync: Mobile content management in a shared device world

A proven way to increase individual adoption of technology and employee productivity is by offering a personalized experience for mobile devices. But over 60% of enterprise mobile deployments expect shared device usage by multiple employees. In this JNUC 2021 session, Brad Stutzman, Head of Channel Sales and Partner Enablement, PlayerLync, discusses the fundamental technical dilemma: How do you enable personalized experiences for multiple users on shared devices without sacrificing security?

October 20 2021 by

Laurie Mona

Frontline workers, digital workflows and personalization

Since iPad’s introduction 10 years ago, over half of frontline workers have been provided access to some sort of managed mobile device. Many of those devices are intended to enable multiple users for an efficient sharing of resources and time for deskless or mobile employees.

Whether it’s a shared iPad handed off between shifts or an iPhone for remote work, embracing mobile transformation for your workforce requires both shared device management and mobile content management.

To be most effective in today’s world means giving an employee the right resource, at the right time, in a personalized way to them as an individual.

Shared device management: the evolution of solutions

The challenge for shared device management has been to architect a single mobile infrastructure for managing the increased number of ways devices are being shared across employees.

Stutzman discusses the primary options for configuring shared devices and content strategies including Apples’ Shared iPad for Business, Jamf Setup, Jamf Reset and Jamf's Single Login workflow — and he ultimately reveals how to take your shared device strategy to the next level in order to meet today’s increased need for security, speed and the end-user experience required to engage and enable your deskless employees.

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