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October 19, 2021 by Tiffany Schultz

Better support for Apple users with Jamf Pro and TeamViewer integration

In this JNUC 2021 session, Jamf Pro & TeamViewer- Supporting users wherever they are, join Jamfs as they walk through how easy it is to support users as they’re working remotely with the Jamf Pro and TeamViewer integration.

In a time of remote working and learning, how many times have you thought mid-support call, "I wish I could just see their screen...."? Well, your wish has been granted! Jamf partnered with TeamViewer to create a way to meet your users where they are at and simplify the delivery of world-class support.

During their session, Sam Weiss, Manager, Solution Partner Program, Jamf, Kat Garbis, Business Development Executive - Enterprise Markets, Jamf and Larry Stegall, Field sales Engineer II, Jamf provide insight into scenarios where TeamViewer can be used, benefits of the integration and wrap up with a demo.

Support scenarios

Mobile device management (MDM) continues to grow and evolve, people can work from anywhere and get new apps and support from just about anywhere, relatively easy. So much so, that you can usually set it and forget it. But not always. When it comes to providing support, there are times when IT will need to take the reigns.

Raise your hand and keep it up if you’ve heard any and all of the following support scenarios:

  1. Explained where the Downloads folder is at
  2. Guided someone towards System Preferences
  3. Helped a user with approving MDM

Garbis walks us through these three different scenarios to set the stage for how screen sharing can be used.

“So many Mac users are Jamf Pro users, in my experience, however that doesn’t mean that they’re IT. It also doesn’t mean that they’re familiar with things. Things might be moved around if they’re trying to be their own IT.” - Garbis

No matter what scenario you’ve run into, at the end of the day, sometimes users just want help.

TeamViewer integration

Weiss enters and drives home how excited Jamf is to support IT professionals with new ways to connect with end users.

Based directly on feedback from customers, Weiss shared that 68% of Jamf admins state they need to remote connect to end-user devices, and many Jamf customers already had TeamViewer in place.

Why not just use Jamf Remote?

Great question. The TeamViewer integration helps bridge the gap between issues that Jamf Remote was never truly intended to solve.

More than that, it also:

  • Works off-network. In today’s increasingly remote world, this is a must
  • Works cross-platform for IT staff on Windows. Jamf Remote is intended for macOS only
  • Requires user permission and provides more notice before accessing screen

Benefits of TeamViewer

  • Easy to set up and use:
    • It’s built on a bring your own license model
    • Option to be global or site based
    • The session is initiated with a device record
  • Leverages Self Service and macOS notifications
  • Secure and reportable: Reportable on our own server, easy to see who made a connection to which device and for what reason, increasing transparency for users and within IT

Demonstration and setup

Stegall uses his session time to walk through a demonstration and setup of Jamf Pro and TeamViewer.

Whether down the hall, somewhere in the same city or across the world, the individual will contact support and request assistance. Stegall shares what that assistance looks like in the “real world” and what an admin and end user would experience.

Before the actual screen sharing takes place, a notification is sent to the user. The end user can either click the notification or launch Self Service and go to the bookmarks section. There are no special codes, all the info is pre-populated and it's easy for the user to launch and then allow screen recording.

TeamViewer isn’t just a macOS product though, it’s also a Windows product. So he shares what the experience from a Windows administration looks like as well.

For more information, or to get started with TeamViewer, visit the Jamf Marketplace.

Tiffany Schultz
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