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July 27, 2021 by Sam Weiss

New way to support users with Jamf Pro and TeamViewer

Jamf has created a 3rd party screen-sharing framework and partnered with TeamViewer to integrate their platform to Jamf Pro.

“Let me take a look.”

As device management for Apple matures, there are fewer problems IT needs to be physically present to solve; this is one of the reasons Jamf administrators were able to quickly pivot to remote-work and distance learning. Zero touch deployment and Apple’s MDM framework allow for seamless setup and configuration of devices.

However, certain situations can’t be solved by device management alone; sometimes users just need to show someone what they are experiencing. The specific needs of users have grown to include screen-sharing from their Mac devices, and IT needs to receive this on Apple or non-Apple devices.

And it needs to be reliable regardless of the network it is on.

To provide the best possible experience for administrators and end users, Jamf has created a third party screen-sharing framework and partnered with TeamViewer to integrate their platform to Jamf Pro. This combination allows administrators to choose the remote monitoring tool of their choice, and use it directly within Jamf Pro. This allows them to quickly assess and solve problems without context switching.

"Even with the best tools and strategy, end-users sometimes just need a little bit more help. In this time of remote adjustment, administrators are finding new ways to connect with users in need, and screen-sharing is an effective way to meet users where they are at." — Nick Amundsen, Jamf’s Senior Vice President of Strategy

Supporting users with built-in screen-sharing powered by TeamViewer has never been easier. After procuring a TeamViewer license and optionally deploying the agent, an admin can navigate to the Jamf Pro settings menu, enable TeamViewer as a 3rd party screen-sharing tool, and paste in your private key. They will enable new panes within the Jamf Pro device record for enrolled Mac computers.

Whether a specific application needs troubleshooting or users just need to be shown where exactly that illusive downloads folder is, Jamf Pro and TeamViewer can help. Together they are a complete enterprise solution that simplifies the support of Mac for organizations with users everywhere.

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