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Revealing the calm behind the commotion

Sometimes it’s hard to slow down — really hard. Thankfully, there’s a luxury brand that’s figured out how to provide a balance between home, family and everything that squeezes in between. And now, through the use of Apple technology, they’re doing it better than ever before.

Since their start in 2000, Rituals opened more than 670 stores in 27 countries around the globe. Last fall, they knew that in order to maintain their mission to transform everyday routines into meaningful moments for both their customers and their employees, they needed to shift how they used technology.

In just over a year, Rituals transitioned from PC to Mac and deployed 650 MacBook, 700 iPad, 650 iPhone and 1,500 iPod devices across the company. Not happy with their existing mobile device management (MDM) solution, they sought out an alternative that could successfully manage a global deployment. “We were looking for an MDM, and both Microsoft and Apple suggested Jamf,” said Nico Wartenbergh, chief technology officer, Rituals.

Employees now save time through the use of MacBook and iPad devices in the corporate office, while the Rituals retail locations offer an elevated customer experience through the use of iPad and iPod devices. And with Jamf Pro’s extensive toolset, Wartenbergh said he’s confident they made the right choice to help support the company’s rapid growth.

“We want to have a robust environment, so we can’t afford to have downtime, both in the retail locations, and also in the headquarters throughout the countries where we don’t have a physical presence,” he said.

To learn more about how Rituals is using Apple devices in both their corporate office and global retail locations to create a unique customer experience, read the full case study.