Verify Apple ID domains with ABM

Creating managed Apple IDs in Apple Business Manager with your company's domain is a convenient way to use Apple at Work. Learn how to verify your domain in this blog post.

April 10 2023 by

Hannah Hamilton

Administrator verifying their company's domain in Apple Business Manager

Creating managed Apple IDs in Apple Business Manager (ABM) provides your organization with a convenient authentication solution for Apple at Work. Administrators can use their own company domains for their managed Apple IDs; to take advantage of this feature, admins must verify their company owns the domain associated with their ABM account.

Why do you need to verify your domain to use ABM?

Since using a given domain requires modifying the DNS record for the domain, it’s important to ensure your organization has the authority to do so. Domains can only be verified by one organization, so this process should be completed in 14 days once the process is started. If you are unable to verify your domain, it’s possible to use reserved domains that Apple generates automatically based on the website used when signing up for ABM.

How to add your domain to ABM

To add your domain to ABM:

  1. Sign into ABM as an administrator or people manager.
  2. Select your name at the bottom of a sidebar, select Preferences, then Accounts.
  3. In the Domains section, select Edit, then Add Domain.
  4. Add the domain you want to use, then select Continue.
  5. Select Verify next to the domain. From here, a TXT record appears stating the domain is in the verification process; the record has a string with random characters at the end.
  6. Select Copy and paste the TXT record into a zone file.
  7. After the TXT record is added, finalize the verification process by going to Accounts in ABM, locating the domain, and selecting Check Now.
  8. After the domain is verified, the TXT record can be removed from the zone file.

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