Why zero-touch deployments are not too good to be true

Learn the ins and outs of automated Apple device enrolment and discover how to put this workflow to use in your environment.

December 13 2018 by

Jim Grandbois

Your day is brimming with “fires” you have to put out as an IT professional. You deal with incoming tickets about a range of network or hardware issues, software requests, and a myriad of other user complaints. But what if you could totally eliminate incoming tickets related to provisioning devices?

You can with a zero-touch deployment strategy. Successfully deploy Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV to users by the dozen – or even thousand – without ever having to open a box. But how?

Apple programs enable zero-touch deployment by automating enrollment and configuration from a central location — eliminating the need to ever physically touch a device. With zero-touch deployment, IT can pair Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager with all organizational devices to configure and manage settings, apps and logins remotely and in mass.

With this approach, you also forego the need for users to enroll or set up devices on their own, maximizing user adoption. So not only are you saving time and money with zero-touch deployment; you are preserving the user experience.

Old-school imaging, self-enrollment or Apple configurator enrollments are out. Here’s why:

  • These methods consume time, money and energy.
  • You’re not guaranteeing compatibility with the newest hardware and software.
  • It’s not always accurate when you rely on users to self-enroll. A user still has to go in and perform some actions, which is not always done.

How to implement zero-touch deployments

It’s clear that zero-touch deployment for Apple products is the way to go. So how can you make this a reality in your environment?

I recently conducted a webinar on this very topic and can walk you through the necessary steps for implementing zero-touch deployments in your business or school.

In the 30-minute video, you’ll get a full picture of:

  • An overview of Apple’s deployment programs for both schools and businesses
  • The benefits of zero-touch deployment
  • How to accomplish zero-touch deployment for macOS and iOS

Watch the Master the Art of Zero-Touch Deployments on-demand webinar resource and get the know-how to become a guru of automated Apple deployments.

Want to test these workflows in your environment? Request a free trial of Jamf Pro today and get started.

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