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Not just any small business management software.

The one you can trust.

We make it easy, because complicated isn't fun.

Jamf Now is designed to make complex device management tasks simple so you can get back to business.

With an easy-to-use mobile device management (MDM) solution, get a bird’s eye view of the status of applied email accounts, security settings and deployed apps.

Source and distribute apps to individual devices and even export inventory information for reporting and compliance.

With one great device management software tool, you get the assurance that everything with your deployment is in order.

We saw – and eliminated – your device management fears.

With Jamf Now, we took the challenges of device management and simplified them, creating an intuitive environment for users. Experience the difference with our small business management software for iOS and macOS, and fear no more.

Device Details

View device details, such as model, serial number, total and free disk capacity, applied settings and deployed apps. Replace your spreadsheet with always up-to-date and accurate device information.

App Distribution

Automatically install apps on all of your devices. Enroll with Apple’s Volume Purchasing, part of Apple Business Manager, to buy apps in bulk and easily distribute them to users of your choice. As your needs change, reclaim and reassign the apps to new employees. Additionally, install apps not available in the App Store like Adobe's Creative Suite and Google Chrome, with the Jamf Now Plus plan.

Inventory Management

Keep track of device settings with current details and status reports with the option to export to a spreadsheet for reporting a compliance. In addition, manage asset tags by linking physical inventory to digital records by associating device asset tags to the Jamf Now device record.

OS Updates

OS Updates is a powerful feature that lets you manage operating system updates for Automated MDM Enrollment. Update a single device or push OS updates to all devices.

Asset Tag

Link your physical inventory to your digital records by associating your physical device asset tags to the Jamf Now device record. Additionally, use custom fields for tagging relevant details.

Export Inventory

Easily export device inventory information to a spreadsheet for reporting and compliance. Use the data for easy import into Quickbooks, Xero, MonkeyBox and other accounting and asset management platforms.

Accessibility and Recovery

Enforce FileVault full disk encryption on the Mac and store the FileVault Recovery Key in the device details. Store the iCloud Activation Lock bypass code for any supervised iOS devices.

Single App Mode

Lock your supervised iOS device to a single app to focus the device for a specific need such as for point-of-sale or a kiosk in retail locations. Single App Mode lets you focus a device for a specific purpose.

Don't just take our word for it.

Manage three devices for free. Add more starting at just $2/device/month.

See the power of a cloud-based MDM solution.