Virtual Visits powered by Jamf

Protect providers and connect patients and families with telemedicine.

With global shortages on personal protective equipment (PPE), what if care could be delivered without ever entering a patient’s room? What if families could be connected to their loved one from the safety of their own home? Virtual Visits powered by Jamf makes this possible. Healthcare organizations can now configure and deploy third-party conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams to Apple devices for providers to make virtual rounds to patients — or for patients to stay connected with their loved ones.

Depending on the video conferencing platform, Virtual Visits powered by Jamf can help organizations:

  1. Create unique web conferencing accounts for each patient
  2. Deploy accounts for use on hospitalowned iPad or iPhone
  3. Build a simple workflow for providers and families to facilitate a video call
  4. Automate device setup and securely prepare devices for re-use

Download the PDF to learn more and get started.