Empowering Education: Richardson ISD’s Digital Transformation in the Classroom with Jamf

Morgan Cave, Director of Instructional Technology at Richardson ISD, shares the journey of enhancing learning experiences using Jamf tools. Witness the transformation in education technology.

Richardson ISD, serving 38,000 students across 55 campuses, utilizes Jamf Pro to manage a vast array of mobile devices and Macs. Morgan, with 19 years in public education, recounts her transition from a classroom teacher to a technology director, attributing the shift to the profound impact of technology on learning. The district’s one-to-one initiative with iPads, facilitated by Jamf Pro, has not only streamlined device management but also enriched the learning experience for students. In the wake of a successful rollout of 20,000 iPads, Richardson ISD continues to innovate, aligning technology with their graduate profile and learning innovation framework. Jamf Teacher plays a pivotal role, empowering educators to design engaging, aligned learning experiences. The district’s commitment to reimagining learning, fostering critical thinking, and enabling students to flex their creativity is evident.