iOS Device Compliance with Jamf Pro

Effectively managing compliance on Apple devices has never been easier. An expanded partnership with Microsoft unlocks a new workflow to help monitor compliance across Jamf Pro and Microsoft Azure: Device Compliance for iOS. This powerful tool lets IT admins choose the right tool for the job at hand: Jamf for managing Apple devices and Microsoft for non-Apple devices.

See how device compliance for iOS helps organizations manage both Apple and non-Apple devices by using Jamf for Apple and Microsoft for non-Apple devices. The video demonstrates how to configure the compliance integration and define compliance and registration criteria using smart groups.

End users with iOS devices can register with device compliance through self-service, and Jamf Pro will flag the device as compliant or not based on criteria set in the smart group. This integration also allows customization of rules for how iOS devices can access company data in Azure's conditional access menu.

  1. What is the benefit of using device compliance for both iOS and non-iOS devices?
  2. How does the registration group help define which devices can register with device compliance?
  3. How can customization of access rules in Azure's conditional access menu improve security for company data?