Schuberg Philis: Mastering employee onboarding

Schuberg Philis is a Dutch IT company that focuses on mission-critical processes, ecosystem collaboration and security management. With Jamf Pro and Jamf Connect, employee onboarding and zero-touch deployment has never been easier.

Menno Meijer and Gerard Spierenburg from Schuberg Philis team discuss their use of Jamf, a device management software, to facilitate the onboarding of new employees and manage their fleet of laptops and mobile devices. They aim to provide a smooth "out of the box" experience for new hires, with all necessary apps and accounts already set up on their device on their first day. They discuss their transition to Jamf Cloud, powered by AWS, to support their agile, work-from-home environment and their use of Jamf Connect to connect their identity provider and local accounts to avoid password issues.

  1. How does the Schuberg Philis Team use Jamf to onboard new employees?
  2. What changes did Schuberg Philis make to their device management system during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how did Jamf help?
  3. How did Jamf Connect help Schuberg Philis avoid password issues with their local accounts?