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January 14, 2022 by Tim Herr

The transformative potential of digital signage using Apple TV

Apple TV is easy to set up and scale for digital signage that can transform organizations, especially when paired with Jamf and Carousel Digital Signage. Learn how outdoor lifestyle retailer Camping World successfully implemented digital signage across verticals, and review some ideas about how it can help you regardless of your industry or sector.

While the full range of its impact may not always be obvious at first glance, digital signage is one of the most significant areas in which Apple TV can revolutionize both internal and customer-directed communications for organizations. In retail, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, education and more, advanced digital signage solutions are proving their efficacy for delivering the right information at the right time to customers and workers alike. In particular, the proven combination of Jamf + Carousel Digital Signage + Apple TV has the potential to help you improve your bottom line and enhance your brand image.

Camping World: A unified solution for a unified customer experience

In this webinar, “Simplifying Digital Signage with Apple TV” you’ll hear about how major outdoor lifestyle retailer Camping World, with over 150 locations across the United States, used this combined solution for digital signage to empower sales representatives, respond more quickly to price changes, save on shipping costs and much more. Chris DuCasse, Apple support engineer at Camping World, explains how a solution intended to benefit the sales team quickly proved transformative across the organization. Whether or not you provide services in the retail space, this example amply demonstrates how scalable and adaptable the Jamf + Carousel + Apple TV combination is, along with what benefits in terms of efficiency and ROI you can expect from it. Read on for a summary of some key takeaways on the spread of digital signage throughout the company.

  • Sales

DuCasse explains that Camping World first integrated the Jamf + Carousel + Apple TV combo because RV sales reps were having trouble tracking information about inventory and sales leads as quickly as they wanted. This combined solution allowed them to import data from SalesForce and Microsoft Power BI, providing infographics that representatives could consult on demand without having to log in to accounts on their computers. This information could be set to refresh every 15 seconds, ensuring that data informing key decisions was as up-to-date as possible.

  • Marketing and promotions

The benefits of digital signage quickly became clear to the marketing department at Camping World, who used it to call more attention to corporate events like the Ultimate RV Expo. Digital displays also proved useful for advertising major sales and campaigns, as well as assuring that these promotions ended at the proper time. DuCasse notes the savings in time and money that resulted from circumventing the printing and shipping processes for signage, along with the safety benefits of not blocking flows of foot traffic with signs on metal stanchions.

  • Service technicians

Technicians who perform service and repairs on RVs and other products found it helpful to use the Power BI integration to track their own performance over different spans of time, saving time that would have been spent asking their managers to generate reports.

  • Branding/customer experience

Whereas previously store managers handled many signage needs on the local level, this digital signage solution made it easier to provide a uniform shopping environment. With customers often patronizing multiple Camping World locations during their travels, this consistency helped to maintain a cohesive brand image.

But how would digital signage benefit your organization?

Even if your organization doesn’t work in the retail space, there is a wide set of benefits that you can derive from using Apple TV to display digital signage, especially in combination with Jamf and Carousel. You can find a detailed case study taken from the manufacturing sector, or consult our introductory e-book on Apple TV management for a list of industry-specific functions and integrations. And below are several general benefits that you can expect to find in one form or another, regardless of your organization type, when you make the switch to digital signage with Apple TV.

  • Time savings

One of the greatest advantages to having up-to-the-moment information available on digital displays is that it saves employees the time of logging in to accounts or running reports. Promotional materials and price boards can be generated and updated without taking the time to print and distribute them. And the very process of setting up your digital signage can be lightning-fast when you use Jamf + Carousel + Apple TV, with zero-touch deployment making “shrink wrap to signage” a reality.

  • Lower costs and higher revenue

Using a single solution instead of fragmented systems for signage boosts scalability and drives down operating costs, while Apple TV’s ease of use and deployment speed frees up employees for revenue-generating pursuits. Its adaptability to your existing infrastructure means no need to purchase additional expense hardware. In addition to avoiding printing costs, you can potentially prevent costly mistakes by coordinating all signage through a central hub.

  • Better communication with customers or stakeholders

Getting your message out to the people your organization serves is a critical part of your mission, and digital signage assists you in quickly and prominently displaying timely information such as revised prices, available products or services, event details, facility guides and more. Using a single solution with centralized control also makes it simpler to unify your brand aesthetics and messaging, providing a cohesive experience for your customers or stakeholders.

  • Better communication with employees

In addition to using functionality like the Power BI integration to provide up-to-the-minute data visualizations for tracking inventory or progress, you can employ digital signage in both private and public areas of your facilities to convey key messages to employees. These include documenting safety protocols and complex workflows, highlighting employee awards and accomplishments, sharing time-sensitive notices and overriding normal programming to broadcast emergency instructions.

Please stakeholders and empower workers with Jamf + Carousel + Apple TV

Knowledge is power, and by leveraging the capabilities of Apple TV, especially in concert with Jamf and Carousel Digital Signage, you can empower all the members of your organization to work in an efficient and fulfilling manner. Digital signage can also boost your brand image in your stakeholders’ eyes, increasing their confidence in your services and their enjoyment in interactions with you. One simple combination of software and hardware solutions can be what enables your organization to discard wasteful processes and take the necessary steps for growth. And the best news is that this is an improvement that all your verticals are likely to derive tangible benefits from.

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