Red Canary is now a Jamf Partner for enterprise EDR success.

Red Canary is used by organizations both large and small to ensure EDR (endpoint detection and response) success while improving the productivity and effectiveness of enterprise security teams.

October 19 2021 by

Kathryn Joy

In the 2021 JNUC keynote address, Jamf CEO Dean Hager reiterated that Jamf is focused on ensuring that organizations can secure their Apple fleets as well as support and protect end-user privacy.

“…Great technology is only the starting point. Integrations, process and analysis are critical for managing security operations.” - Dean Hager

Joined by Brian Beyer, Red Canary’s CEO, we announced a new Jamf-Red Canary partnership. Beyer said,

“I’m excited to partner with Jamf to deliver the highest quality security operations for Apple. With Jamf’s full alignment with Apple and same-day support for operating systems and features, Jamf is the best solution to maintain security posture for organizations who want to best protect devices, users and networks.”

What’s possible when organizations use Jamf with Red Canary?

Together, Jamf and Red Canary power an integrated Apple-native solution for threat detection and response.

As an industry leader in Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Red Canary marries endpoint security data analytics with threat detection, automated investigation and managed incident response. Jamf Protect blocks known threats and protects Apple devices from ransomware and other malware. Red Canary uses telemetry generated by Jamf Protect to analyze device and user activity for risky behavior. When a real threat is identified, Red Canary responds quickly to prevent harm and data loss.

Here are the key benefits to customers:

  1. Red Canary and Jamf provide a more complete endpoint security posture built on best-of-breed tools, for companies with or without full security teams.
  2. Red Canary helps operationalize alerts Jamf Protect so organizations can be confident that threats are understood and eliminated.
  3. When a real security incident is confirmed, Jamf and Red Canary enable an effective response, help reduce risk and provide information so that the security team can communicate incidents in a clear way.

Red Canary integrates directly with Jamf products for a more complete security practice.

Jamf Protect telemetry drives the detection engine, and integration with Jamf Pro provides instantaneous automated remediation. Combining Jamf’s enterprise platform with the detection and remediation capabilities from Red Canary, organizations can quickly elevate their security posture.

With this partnership, organizations no longer have to be security experts to bring expert-level security into their enterprise.

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