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January 24, 2019 by Kaylee Carlson

Eliminate the challenges of binding: Jamf Connect now integrates with Microsoft Entra ID

Now with one username and password, organizations have the ability to provide users with a simple, unified authentication and account synchronization process — while still offering the best possible Apple experience. Read the full details.

Coffee shops, airports, working from home — in today’s environment, more and more employees are working in locations other than the office. While many companies are putting a focus on accommodating a more mobile workforce, this shift also brings heightened awareness about keeping company data secure.

For years, organizations have been binding Mac computers to Active Directory to maintain a certain level of security. However, in an age where not all employees are on-site but are still required to log into a corporate network to access resources, security assurances don’t come so easily.

What is Active Directory?

Microsoft Active Directory has been the gold standard for on-premises identity and account management. A vast majority of organizations have been using Active Directory in order to solve authentication issues; in other words, making sure that company data and applications are protected from anyone outside of the directory that is not an employee.

How can organizations overcome Active Directory challenges?

But binding to Active Directory is not without its downsides. Because employees are no longer stationary, the way organizations approach identity and security must adapt by moving from an on-premises identity provider to one in the cloud. Data security breaches are more of a threat than ever and organizations are laser-focused on protecting their information. Just logging in with a username and password is not enough anymore. Enter top cloud identity providers, such as Microsoft Entra ID and Okta, which allow IT admins to remotely manage users, passwords and access to corporate applications.

Can I use Microsoft Entra ID with my Apple devices?

Yes! With the acquisition of NoMAD, now Jamf Connect, organizations have the ability to provide a simple, unified authentication and account synchronization process while ensuring end users have the best possible Apple experience. Simply put, IT admins gain peace of mind knowing they can manage accounts and secure each device all while their employees are unboxing their Macs, powering them on, and accessing all of their company applications with one username and password — without being connected to a corporate network, such as VPN.

This is all made possible with Jamf Connect’s new integration with Microsoft Entra ID. So, as we see the growing migration from Active Directory to the cloud, IT admins are assured that their bases are covered when it comes to identity and security, while still giving employees the best experience with their Mac. It’s a win-win.

Details on how Jamf Connect integrates with Microsoft Entra ID

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