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Frost & Sullivan recognizes Jamf as a Frost Radar Leader in global endpoint security, 2023
November 16, 2023 by Jesus Vigo

Jamf identified leader in Frost & Sullivan’s Frost Radar™: Endpoint Security, 2023 Report

See what accolades Frost & Sullivan’s Frost Radar™: Endpoint Security, 2023 report had to say about Jamf Protect and its efficacy at neutralizing threats and minimizing risk for the managed devices across your infrastructure.

Who are Frost & Sullivan?

Frost & Sullivan is a U.S.-based consulting firm specializing in market research and analysis, consulting and corporate training. In their own words, Frost & Sullivan is known for “helping companies identify, plan, and capture growth opportunities around the world.”

Not unlike organizations that offer similar services, like Gartner, the Frost Radar™: Endpoint Security, 2023 report gathers Frost & Sullivan’s extensive research on cybersecurity solutions in the market and quantifies them against two indices:

  • Growth Index (GI)
  • Innovation Index (II)

and ten analytical algorithms:

  1. GI1: Market Share
  2. GI2: Revenue Growth
  3. GI3: Growth Pipeline
  4. GI4: Vision and Strategy
  5. GI5: Sales and Marketing
  6. II1: Innovation Scalability
  7. II2: Research and Development
  8. II3: Product Portfolio
  9. II4: Megatrends Leverage
  10. II5: Customer Alignment

Note: Review the Frost Radar™ landing page to understand better how Frost & Sullivan uses analytical algorithms to evaluate the balance between a company’s growth performance and track record (Growth Index) by its ability to develop, market and align solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers (Innovation Index) to benchmark future growth potential.

What does the Frost Radar™: Endpoint Security, 2023 report tell us about cybersecurity?

The report places a focus on two specific, overarching categories as it sets out to underscore its evaluation criteria:

  • Strategic Imperative
  • Growth Environment

As it relates to Strategy, the report provides guidance detailing crucial imperatives that directly cause endpoint security market fluctuations to occur. A portion of the criteria for evaluation is driven by these causes, examples are: technological advancements, use cases and evolving challenges to the cybersecurity landscape.

From the Growth perspective, the report offers guidance related to environmental causes that effectively impact cybersecurity strategies through both direct means or indirectly, like ripple effects that include: increased consumerization of devices used for work through BYOD initiatives and IoT device adoption, modernized security solutions that adapt and integrate with other solutions to enhance protection efficacy, or how bad actors globally have been converging threats, launching novel campaigns that target highly regulated industries particularly in financial, government and healthcare sectors through sophisticated pipeline attacks.

How did Jamf Protect fare compared to its competitors?

It’s important to recognize that there are over fifty participants in the security market globally that Frost & Sullivan included in their analysis, reducing the total count to just eighteen growth and/or innovation leaders in their Frost Radar analysis.

On page eight of the report, the graph plots Jamf among competitors in the endpoint security solution space, striking a desirable balance between both growth and innovation indices.

Simply put: Jamf is not only a leader in both growth and innovation fronts but also leads the way in customer value(among other notable leadership positions reflected by the Frost Radar report) by having “demonstrated the ability to significantly enhance its customer value proposition.


This includes being designated a Company to Action by Frost & Sullivan as “the only vendor in the endpoint security market developing ‘Apple-first’ solutions, " referring specifically to Jamf Protect. Also under the innovation banner, Jamf is called out again, citing “Jamf‘s Trusted Access is the only solution specifically built for Apple devices that combines device management, identity and access, and endpoint security.” Achieving leadership status in the endpoint security market shows there is demand for solutions focused on the Apple experience. And considering Apple’s continuing growth in the workplace, there has never been a more critical time for platform-focused solutions.

At the enterprise level, this is just another example of analysts recognizing the need for global device management, endpoint security, identity & access technologies to be delivered together in order to achieve holistic, comprehensive security outcomes.


Further underscoring its designation as a Company to Action, this time under the growth banner, Jamf’s significant and continued investment in endpoint risk assessment integrations has placed it as a leader in this segment by integrating with “modern security policy

frameworks, including conditional access policies, zero-trust network access (ZTNA) policies, Microsoft Device Compliance, AWS Verified Access, and Google BeyondCorp access rules.

The result is that Jamf commits “to continue improving Mac and mobile EDR capabilities to combat evolving sophisticated threats”, in addition to, supporting endpoint security for Android, Windows and Google-powered devices — despite ownership models — because enterprise security impacts different device types and operating systems.

Mapping Jamf's success as a leader in the global endpoint security market along the Growth and Innovation indices

Which cybersecurity criteria factored into Frost & Sullivan’s recommendation of Jamf?

  • Apple systems and devices require unique security solutions, so it focuses on protecting the Apple platform and preserving the native Apple experience.
  • Jamf Protect provides real-time detection of malicious applications and scripts and recommended user actions, consistent vulnerability management, threat prevention and policy control and security reporting across all Mac and mobile platforms including macOS, iOS, iPadOS and Android. Additional web threat protection includes these platforms and extends to Windows and Chromebooks.
  • Provide consistent policy enforcement and support for both company-issued and personal devices.
  • Jamf has dramatically expanded its configuration and auditing framework to help customers meet complex compliance standards.
  • Trusted Access is the only solution specifically built for Apple devices that combines device management, identity and access, and endpoint security.

Jamf developed security solutions are recognized as leaders in the global endpoint security market.

But don’t just take our word for it, read what Frost & Sullivan has to say about Jamf for yourself

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