How Jamf helps Apple admins learn

One of the best parts about working with technology is that there is always something new to learn. This is never more true than in the world of IT. Whether you’re managing or securing Apple devices, Jamf is your partner. After all, our mission is to help organizations succeed with Apple.

April 27 2023 by

Braden Newell

Be the best Apple admin you can be.

One of the ways Jamf helps you learn is by providing excellent first-party research, resources, and training to enable you to be the best Apple admin you can be. Our exceptional teams of writers, learning experience designers, and instructors sign in to work every day to create relevant, engaging, and industry-leading learning opportunities for you: our customers.

The standard in Apple management and security

Many of you have told us how much you appreciate and enjoy the written, video and instructor-led content we make. Because Jamf makes so many resources and learning opportunities available, here’s a roundup of all the ways Jamf helps you learn.

Jamf Learning Hub

The Jamf Learning Hub is Jamf’s new one-stop shop for an education in all things Jamf. You can discover most of the items covered in this article there. Whether you’re looking for product documentation or video courses, the Jamf Learning Hub should be your new go-to destination. All of Jamf’s product documentation and online training catalog content is filtered into the Learning Hub. Within it, users dive right into learning by selecting specific products or training opportunities.

>> Explore our new Jamf Learning Hub!

Jamf Nation

Looking for a place to connect with your fellow Apple IT professionals? Jamf Nation is the largest Apple IT community in the world, with over 100,000 members. Community members ask questions, share advice, and collaborate on the challenges facing IT professionals today. Additionally, select active members of Jamf Nation may be eligible to join the Jamf Hero’s program. Jamf Heros help champion Jamf and share future product development while earning exclusive Jamf swag.

Jamf Nation is free to join and is accessible from within the Jamf Learning Hub.

>> Join Jamf Nation.


Since you’re reading this, you likely already knew Jamf had a blog; however, if this is your first time here, welcome! Jamf’s blog is a great place to read up on expert takes regarding Apple in the enterprise, healthcare, and education. The Jamf Blog aims to provide readers with helpful industry knowledge and pro tips on using Jamf to tackle particular challenges.


Our hardworking team conducts research, interviews clients, and shares their expertise in a variety of mediums including e-books, case studies, research and technical papers, webinars and more.

This learning content is accessible for free. Topics covered include:

  • Jamf’s products
  • Apple device protection and network security
  • Identity management
  • Managing and securing Apple in education
  • Apple device management for small to medium business

>> Browse Jamf’s resources.

Product documentation

Where is the first place you go when unsure how to do something in an app or service? Like the talented IT professional you are, you go straight to the company’s product documentation. Jamf is no exception. Our talented technical writers pen informational and step-by-step guides to accomplish anything and everything capable within our products, including but certainly not limited to:

Online training catalog

Perhaps you’re more of a visual learner than a reader. Well, Jamf has you covered there, too. Jamf’s online training catalog features around 300 videos covering all of our products and more.

If you’re beginning with a new Jamf product, the online training catalog features get-started modules for many of our products. Each video is accompanied by a single multiple-choice question to validate your learning and additional resources like resource links and simulations for you to explore!

>> Begin learning at our training catalog.

Jamf Training and Support YouTube channel

Interested in some shorter Jamf content that you can easily watch and share with your fellow Apple IT professionals? Jamf has a YouTube channel dedicated to training and support. Most notably, the Jamf training and support YouTube channel features Jamf Shorts, affectionately called Jorts.

These videos are under three minutes long and cover helpful but sometimes forgotten important topics such as creating and renewing a push certificate. The training and support YouTube channel also features extra content such as release notes videos and new training previews!

>> Watch all of our Jorts

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The Jamf 100 Course

Looking to learn more about Jamf Pro and maybe even get certified? Enter the Jamf 100 Course. Through the Jamf 100 Course, learners explore the basics of Apple device management, configure a Jamf Pro instance, and discover the power of Jamf.

The Jamf 100 Course is the first of four levels of certifications offered by Jamf and is a great way to learn, validate, and prove your knowledge of Jamf Pro. Once you’ve viewed all of the Jamf 100 Course content for free, you can optionally take the Jamf 100 certification exam to become a Jamf Certified Associate!

>> Get started with the Jamf 100 Course.

The Jamf 170 Course

A new offering, the Jamf 170 Course is designed to introduce Apple IT professionals to the world of Apple device security. Like the Jamf 100 Course, it is self-paced and free.

>> Begin the Jamf 170 Course.

Training and certifications

Once you’ve become a Jamf Certified Associate, it’s time to level up your training with one (or more) of our live remote training sessions.

Jamf offers four week-long certification courses, delivered by our talented and knowledgeable trainers:

  • Jamf 200 Course: Jamf Certified Technician
  • Jamf 300 Course: Jamf Admin
  • Jamf 370 Course: Jamf Certified Endpoint Security Admin
  • Jamf 400 Course: Jamf Expert

The 200, 300 and 400 courses build on the Jamf Pro knowledge gained from the Jamf 100 Course. By the end of the Jamf 400 Course, participants are not only experts in Jamf Pro but also the Jamf API.

The Jamf 370 course offers participants the opportunity to become a Jamf Certified Endpoint Security Admin. This unique course covers macOS endpoint security and explores Jamf Protect.

>> Visit to learn more about all of Jamf’s certification courses.

Jamf After Dark Podcast

Are you interested in listening about Jamf on your favorite podcast player? The Jamf After Dark Podcast is hosted by Kat Garbis, Senior Channel Program Manager, and Sean Rabbitt, Senior Consulting Engineer, Identity. They interview Jamfs from across the organization to discuss industry trends and product developments. Jamf After Dark releases new episodes once per month. Jamf After Dark can be found in Apple Podcasts, or you can use to add the podcast to your RSS reader or podcast player of choice!

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