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October 24, 2018 by Jeni Asaba

Introducing Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset

Learn the what, why and how of Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset — two new apps that power shared-use devices for any workflow.

“Empower people with technology that puts humans first.” This was a common theme in today’s presentation with Jamf product managers, Michael Devins and Tim Knox. The session, aptly titled “Jamf is Building Stuff!” dove into both the why and the how behind Jamf’s product philosophy, while introducing just-launched apps that power shared-use devices for any workflow — Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset.

The session started with a simple question — Why do organizations deploy devices? “In order to create products that make the most sense for our customers, it’s important to think about what they’re doing with their devices. Is it to ‘do stuff’ – to achieve some objective? Or is it to facilitate a business process,” Devins questioned. “Is it to use the more than two million apps in the App Store?” He suggested it may even be to create experiences.

Regardless of the reason, Devins noted it’s important to realize no organization (or deployment!) is identical. And these differences mean organizations also have a variety of needs. But even among the diversity of ways people use devices in their environments, Jamf noticed there are some common elements that appear across the board.

Announcing Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset

Devins explained that iPad and iPhone devices are in the hands of students, employees, patients, customers and guests at consistently increasing numbers. Organizations across all industries are constantly looking for ways to support multiple customized use cases while getting the most from their device pool. Enter Jamf Setup.

By leveraging the power of Jamf Pro, including Smart Groups, Jamf Setup provisions devices for the exact needs of the current user. IT admins can then distribute devices and let users choose the configuration that best reflects their role and needs. Once a user selects their use case, Jamf Setup communicates that selection back to Jamf Pro.

Jamf Setup empowers:

  • A shared device for any workflow – Jamf Setup gives a new option between generic configurations and Apple’s Shared iPad. A single device supports multiple customized use-cases. This creates a more flexible shared-device.
  • User-selected configuration – Jamf Setup creates an intuitive way for end users to receive relevant apps and settings – no IT involvement required.
  • No cart or login required – Jamf Setup allows for an over-the-air workflow with no need for additional hardware. Users do not need a username or password, software or another directory service. This enables one-time guest use.

Transitioning to Jamf Reset, Devins explained it enables a simplified and secure reset workflow. After using a device for its intended use, a user can initiate a complete wipe and be confident their data is securely erased.

“Yes, I said wipe your managed device,” Devins laughed. “We have become so focused on maintaining management control over devices that encouraging users to completely wipe devices may seem counterintuitive.”

Do not fear – Jamf leverages the power of Automated MDM Enrollment for scalable and repeatable workflows without special hardware or IT involvement.

“We make it easy for users too,” Devins explained. “Instead of going deep in the Settings menu, users can just select the Reset app from the Home screen. The device will then completely reset.”

Jamf Reset makes possible:

  • A simplified reset – Jamf Reset does not need additional integrations or warehouse re-provisioning. This workflow is repeatable and reliable.
  • A user-initiated wipe – Jamf Reset empowers users themselves to digitally sanitize devices, with Home screen access to wipe the device.
  • No cart or IT interaction required – Jamf Reset creates an over-the-air workflow with no additional hardware required. Troubleshooting can be done with one tap by resetting the device. This creates a scalable re-provisioning process.

Jamf Reset and Jamf Setup available today

These apps are available on the App Store today. Both apps (available on iPhone and iPad) require iOS 9+ and Jamf Pro.

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Jeni Asaba
As an award-winning community manager, Jeni oversees community (Jamf Nation & Jamf Heroes) at Jamf. She uses her passion for people to fuel her work. She shares her interests, fears and weaknesses with her community members as a way to forge genuine connections and trusted relationships. She’s a wife of nearly 16 years, the proud (and slightly exhausted) mom of two boys and an endless dreamer.
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