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June 9, 2022 by Tim Herr

Jamf After Dark: Global EdTech with Valeria Tschida and Kelly Watkins Conrad

Learn about Jamf’s efforts to power education with technology around the world through initiatives like our Innovation Hubs.

Beyond our mission to support Apple in the enterprise, Jamf is constantly expanding efforts to bring technology into classrooms around the world, improving learning outcomes and empowering educators and students. In this episode of the Jamf After Dark podcast, hosted by Jamf channel program manager Kat Garbis and director of product strategy Katie English, you’ll hear firsthand accounts of our efforts to enhance K-12 education for learners worldwide. Community education program manager Valeria Tschida and senior program engineer Kelly Watkins Conrad join us for an inspiring and emotionally charged episode you won’t want to miss.

Both of our guests play key roles in Jamf’s Community Education Initiatives team, with experience visiting and assisting in locations in Haiti, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan as well as closer to home in Minnesota. They offer fascinating insights into how our efforts are less about the technology itself and more about offering a new self-empowering pedagogy to underserved students. You’ll get to hear about how Jamf is impacting the lives of these young learners and what concrete improvements have been introduced to their education.

In this podcast episode, you’ll get to hear all about:

  • What the TEAL+ methodology is and what it looks like to implement it in the classroom
  • Jamf Experience Kits and where we’re taking them
  • The many international locations where Jamf is powering learning and innovation
  • “Where in the World Is Kelly Watkins Conrad?”
  • The origins and spread of MATTER Innovation Hubs
  • The importance of allowing kids to fail
  • Benefits of the Jamf Teacher and Apple Classroom apps
  • Shameless plugs for upcoming JNUC sessions
  • Language and accessibility features for opening up young minds
  • How Jamf puts girls front and center in its education initiatives
  • Running an Innovation Hub in Kabul during the Taliban takeover
  • Connecting high school students in Zimbabwe with pathways to employment
  • The Jamf Educator platform and other certification opportunities and community resources
  • Everyone’s favorite field trips, from camping in northern Paraguay to visiting dinosaurs in the Field Museum

Visit the Jamf After Dark website to find a complete list of past episodes and subscribe to our RSS feed.

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