Jamf After Dark: Employee Resource Groups at Jamf

Find out how employee resource groups are making Jamf a better place to work and revealing untapped sources of leadership talent.

February 22 2023 by

Tim Herr

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Company culture is critical for long-term success, and one of the best things that you can do to cultivate a healthy and inclusive culture is to make sure that all employees have what they need to perform their duties and bring their authentic selves to work. In this episode of the Jamf After Dark podcast, hosted by Jamf channel program manager Kat Garbis and director of product strategy Katie English, we get a look into the internal contributions to our company life made by our employee resource groups (ERGs). Our guests are director of global revenue enablement Erin Ogren and senior copywriter Haddayr Copley-Woods, both of whom are founding members of the Accessibility@Jamf ERG.

One of the key themes that we encounter throughout this conversation is that the work of ERGs to empower specific groups of employees produces benefits that tend to spill over onto the rest of the workforce. It also provides an alternative forum in which employees can hone their leadership skills, providing the company with an otherwise untapped source of managerial talent. The story of ERGs at Jamf is an exciting one, full of small initiatives that make a big difference for workers, and it is a story that continues to unfold.

Listen to the full podcast episode to hear about:

  • The origins of Accessibility@Jamf in 2019
  • How intersectionality drives involvement and collaboration across multiple ERGs
  • The full spectrum of ERG activity, from professional development to silent dance parties
  • The mentorship program run by the Women@Jamf ERG, and how ERGs comprise a natural mentorship resource
  • How highlighting our own challenges and differences encourages other employees to find their voices
  • How work on accessibility makes technology more effective for the entire workforce
  • Why we’re all excited about the role played by Donisha Diagne, our new VP of diversity, talent and engagement!
  • What it takes from both the company leadership and individual employees to get a new ERG off the ground
  • How Zoom meetings are evolving to provide better accessibility (and why that’s good for everyone)
  • Conducting in-office fire drills in a more accessible fashion
  • What curb cuts are, and why we’ve all come to rely on them
  • Why accessible design is good design!

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