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One of the greatest company needs is data security. An organization needs to ensure that its virtual machines are as secure as its physical machines. But for a long time, managing and securing virtualized Macs has been a very difficult and manual process.

September 29 2022 by

Mignon Wagner

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Jamf works with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to manage and provide an added layer of security, providing unprecedented ease for organizations to scale macOS resources far and wide. Leveraging the power of Apple and AWS, Jamf has taken the concept of zero-touch deployment further than before.

Cloud Security

Through advanced infrastructure and data protection functionalities, like ongoing logging and monitoring, security threats to organizational data can be detected. Once identified, automated incident response, in addition to manual intervention, and endpoint recovery features allow quick responses to prevent and remediate threats.

Jamf performs regular checks to ensure Jamf Cloud is available and running as it should at all times and has several security measures in place to facilitate its cloud operations, such as:

  • Customers are notified prior to the start of scheduled maintenance
  • Regular maintenance is performed and may include Jamf Pro version upgrades, infrastructure improvements and security improvements
  • Internal security scanning to identify vulnerabilities and safeguard customer resources against unauthorized networks
  • Security incident management to monitor, identify, prevent, triage, stop and remediate security threats

But the benefits of Jamf Cloud go beyond the technical aspects. Eliminating the need for manual intervention by your IT and Security departments, Jamf takes care behind the scenes, allowing your support teams the freedom to innovate while delivering the best level of support to your end-users.

How does Jamf Cloud MDM save time?

Ongoing security and patch management is a repetitive, manual task requiring it to be carried out on a regular cadence to keep the management infrastructure secure and performing optimally. Whilst this has long been part of an IT admin’s job, the opportunity of switching to Jamf Cloud means admins can focus their work on more forward-thinking and innovative ideas and tasks.

Similarly, database administration and ongoing security checks — such as server monitoring and staying up-to-date with patches — as well as backup administration and testing are highly time-consuming. Particularly, in the beginning, significant investments of organizational resources must be made to determine an alternative location for disaster recovery and establish a response team for this purpose. Depending on specific requirements, the list could be significantly longer for your daily operations without you even realizing it. Eliminating such tasks improves daily work routines and more importantly allows you to place a larger focus on future-focused efficiencies in your operations.

The best part? Automations also help ensure human mistakes due to repetitive, as manual tasks are not replicated in the first place. This not only gives IT teams peace of mind when the stakes are high, but also ensures responsibility and accountability for data storage, infrastructure and security.

In summary, migrating from an on-premises server to Jamf Cloud changes how admins work on a fundamental level by allowing their users to take the initiative to modernize workflows and efficiently meet the progressing technological needs of the organization.

Jamf + AWS + You (the customer): A Shared-Responsibility Model

While AWS provides the security infrastructure of the cloud itself, Jamf is responsible for the security of the content hosted in the cloud.

AWS is responsible for the security of the cloud:

  • Regions, availability zones and edge locations
  • Physical server level
  • Storage device decommissioning according to industry standards
  • Personnel security
  • Network device security

Jamf is responsible for security in the cloud:

  • Customer data
  • Platform
  • Applications
  • Antivirus
  • Network
  • Firewall configuration
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Resource-based policies
  • Operating system-level patches

Another important part of the Shared-Responsibility Model is, of course, the customer. The customer is responsible for providing Jamf with information through secure channels for the migration from an on-premises server to Jamf Cloud to be secure and successful.

Together, these three parties ensure compliance, data and user security and privacy.

Here is how our customers achieve success with Jamf Cloud

SAP had only one internal-only Jamf Pro server. This prohibited Stefan Lang, IT Consultant at Accenture’s team from managing Mac laptops that weren’t on their internal network or connected via VPN. With the number of employees using Mac devices at SAP growing, the expectations for the Mac@SAP experience also grew significantly.

So they adjusted.

Part of the solution was SAP Jam, a secure communications platform that had an active Mac-user community of 2,000 members within SAP. It was the perfect forum to join their general Mac community with SAP IT technicians. They subsequently made their Jamf Pro server accessible outside the corporate network and added a Jamf Cloud distribution point, which is hosted in AWS. These changes gave them what they needed to relaunch Mac@SAP.

Like most enterprise companies, Siemens relies on a cloud solution for hosting. Stefan Lang explains why Jamf just works: “Accenture is a global player. Even though the infrastructure varies in every country in the world, Jamf Cloud is always available. All we need is an internet connection and we can log on from anywhere. Registering a Mac device within Jamf Cloud only takes 30 to 40 minutes, as we don’t need additional time to enforce policies or make adjustments”.

Marco Pagnozzi, Service Owner at Siemens adds: “Every end-user can really make installation of their own Mac by themselves in 40 minutes maximum.”

Jamf Pro Cloud has empowered us to maintain the security and control the devices on organisation level, especially during the trying times of the pandemic.” - Ashish Jha, Systems Manager - IT at Dream11 (Dream Sports)

Refer to our Hosted Services Availability Commitment to learn more about our customer’s use and access to Jamf’s Hosted Services.

Migrate your existing MDM solution to Jamf Cloud and begin receiving the benefits of stable, secure device management without the administrative headaches of supporting the infrastructure.

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