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April 28, 2023 by Aaron Webb

Jamf Pro and AWS Verified Access

Jamf Pro and AWS Verified Access ensure that only trusted users on trusted devices can access internal resources hosted on AWS.

Enterprise work environments have undergone dramatic change in a year that has seen more digital transformation than any in recent memory. To help IT admins more effectively manage and secure access to company resources in a distributed work environment, Jamf has built an integration for AWS Verified Access that will help more admins ensure trusted devices access corporate data hosted on AWS. This integration supports Jamf’s vision to expand ZTNA solutions to reduce the risk of data breaches and enhance the security of corporate applications. With AWS Verified Access as Generally Available, Jamf’s integration with AWS Verified Access solves the problem of simplifying the remote connectivity experience for end users by reducing the management complexity of IT.

Get started on Verified Access with Jamf Pro.

With Verified Access and Jamf, customers can ensure that only trusted users from managed Apple devices using approved web browsers are accessing company tools that rely on AWS. As the majority of businesses with cloud services use AWS to build their businesses and products, this improves the security posture for nearly every Apple-based business.

The AWS Verified Access integration from Jamf leverages Jamf Trust: an intuitive app that provides unified cloud security and connectivity for remote workers. Jamf Trust gives users access to powerful security capabilities and is available on both Mac and mobile such as mobile threat defense, content filtering, and Zero Trust Network Access without impacting performance or productivity.

The Mac app specifically retrieves client device information and shares this information with AWS through the browser extension. Devices and users must meet customer-defined Cedar policies before accessing these resources on AWS. The integration is fully customizable, allowing customers to set up their own access policies and rules. This gives customers full control over who can access their data and how they can access it. Customers can also view detailed access logs, giving them complete visibility into who is accessing their data and when. Find more technical details on the AWS Verified access integration with Jamf Pro.

Our AWS partnership means Jamf can continue to offer cloud, device and network security tools to help customers manage and secure Apple at work. This builds on our Amazon EC2 Mac instances announced last year which allows customers to run on-demand macOS workloads in the cloud, giving Jamf customers access to the depth and breadth of AWS’s offerings.

Verified Access showcases the continued innovation following the October 20 announcement of Jamf’s acceptance into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program.

>> Learn more at Jamf’s Amazon Web Service Integrations page.

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Aaron Webb
Aaron Webb, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Security.
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