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Students using Chromebooks protected by Jamf Safe Internet
December 1, 2022 by Mat Pullen

Jamf Safe Internet now available for Chromebook

Jamf Safe Internet now protects students from inappropriate content as well as over-surveillance on Chromebook.

Jamf believes in empowering people through trusted access to technology.

Our focus on user experience has led us to create network security solutions that are effective, delight administrators, and protect students from inappropriate content as well as over-surveillance.

And it's now available for Chromebook.

Our core products continue to get better by the year, and Jamf’s management products are still Apple only. Our focus on the Apple user experience remains unchanged.

But why wouldn’t we want to extend the same security to every student, regardless of the device they’re on?

Jamf Safe Internet protects against harm and preserves privacy.

Jamf Safe Internet allows your teams to protect end-users on their devices with content filtering and network threat prevention that is purpose-built for schools.

As schools balance the ability for students to learn anywhere with online safety, many turn to Jamf Safe Internet.

It protects students by:

  • Filtering unsafe content
  • Allowing admins to block harmful or inappropriate sites
  • Blocking phishing attempts if users click on scam links
  • Protecting devices from malware and compromised applications
  • Keeping students safe without compromising their privacy

Jamf has always used technology beyond the Apple MDM framework. Students require similar student safety experiences regardless of device, and our next-generation network technology makes this possible.

We are so confident in our understanding of network security that we now offer the same protection and privacy on Chromebook with a Google Admin console as Apple managed by Jamf Pro or Jamf School.

Partnership with Google

We developed this technology in coordination with Google to ensure a secure and seamless experience on Chromebook. Working alongside Google gave us the opportunity to understand their ecosystem and build with best practices in mind.

See how Jamf Safe Internet can help to protect your students, regardless of device!

Photo of Mat Pullen
Mat Pullen
Mat Pullen, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Education.
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