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February 9, 2023 by Hannah Hamilton

How does Jamf keep your information secure?

You use Jamf to manage and secure your devices—how does Jamf secure your data? This blog will mention some of the ways we ensure your data is protected.

At Jamf we provide you with solutions to manage and secure your devices. You put your device and network security and data privacy in our hands. We want you to trust that Jamf is taking appropriate steps to keep your organization’s data safe. So how do we keep the Jamf platform secure?

Product security

The security of our products starts at development. We use a Agile methodology to collaborate between our Product Management, Engineering, Quality and Technical Communications teams, and govern the development process with release and quality processes to ensure quality and consistency.

Beyond our own quality checks, we have annual code-assisted penetration testing and vulnerability assessments conducted by a third-party security consultant. Access to our most recent pen testing report can be requested.

No organization is free from vulnerabilities: we are committed to patching these vulnerabilities and responsibly disclosing them as needed.

Cloud security

When you put your company data into Jamf Cloud, we take a number of measures to ensure its security. Databases are continuously replicated to servers in a separate data center, and a snapshot of each database is taken daily in case recovery is required. Data is also kept logically separate on various layers throughout Jamf Cloud’s infrastructure and is encrypted using an external, third-party SSL certificate.

Our physical data centers are managed by AWS. These data centers implement access controls like biometric authentication, 24/7 armed guards and video surveillance.

Endpoint security

Keeping Jamf’s infrastructure secure requires securing our endpoints. We trust our products—we use Jamf Pro to manage our devices and Jamf Protect for endpoint detection and response. All machines have disk encryption via FileVault. We use the security offered by single sign-on for our apps, and all employees undergo a yearly security training program to mitigate the risks of compromised credentials.

Compliance certifications

You don’t have to take our word for it—we have multiple compliance certifications:

And are members of:

Our SOC 2 and ISO reports can be requested.

We take security seriously. Check our our security portal for more information.

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