Jamf in the News: Recapping the highlights

Read all about it – check out recent Jamf in the news highlights, including features on enterprise security, Apple growth and innovation and much more!

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Aleena Kaleem

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We’ve been seeing a lot about Jamf in the news lately – from stories discussing enterprise security, to Apple growth and innovation, to support for BYOD, the importance of personal privacy protection and much more.

Read on for a recap of some of the highlights.

Jamf in the News Highlights

Listen to the 9to5Mac podcast interview on Apple Passkey support with our very own VP of Portfolio Strategy Michael Covington!

Adam Mahmud, Jamf Healthcare Senior Product Marketing Manager, bylined an article in Healthcare Business Today.

While corporate-owned technology will always be central to IT and informatics solutions, we can’t ignore the portable powerhouses that are in our people’s pockets; and the presence they play in personalized productivity. When done right, a BYOD program as part of your wider mobility strategy can help keep your organization – and your people – stay secure and protected.” - Adam Mahmud

Linh Lam, Chief Information Officer at Jamf, discusses strategies and tools that can best help businesses achieve a balance between successful cybersecurity and respecting customer and employee privacy in Intelligent CIO, including:

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs, which are growing in popularity across the enterprise world, are also at risk of cyberthreats. Therefore, it’s essential for IT admins to ensure the security of these devices while respecting the end-user’s privacy.
  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) enables organizations to provide each employee fast, simple and secure access to any corporate resource, wherever they are. Users benefit from a seamless access experience to the data and apps they need while IT teams have visibility and control of what is being accessed.
  • Personal Privacy Is Under Attack: What Responsibility Do Organizations Have To Protect It?

Forbes published Dean Hager’s latest article on the responsibility organizations have to protect their employees’ personal privacy.

“The stripping away of personal privacy is one of the most important topics today. An individual has never had more entities trying (and succeeding) to access their data. As organizations continue to figure out how they can best enable their workforce remotely, while keeping corporate data safe amidst a rise in security threats, they should also consider educating employees on how they can keep their personal data secure and private.” - Dean Hager

Companies are still considering whether to allow employees to work partly or entirely in a remote setting or recall them to the office. In this Spiceworks article, Linh Lam states she believes that irrespective of where employees are, companies should rethink their physical space and technology to make their staff feel supported.

"In my view, employees should feel supported working where they feel most productive, happy, and safe. At Jamf, we view our offices as a service provided to employees — a place they can brainstorm, work on team projects, visit each other and more." - Linh Lam

Michael Covington is mentioned in this article on VentureBeat about how the threat landscape is shifting for Apple.

“Device management is really the first step in building a layered defense to protect mobile workers and the sensitive business data they access while on the go. MDM solutions can help ensure devices are configured securely, that they’re running the most up-to-date operating system and have the latest security patches, while also configuring secure Wi-Fi settings and password requirements.” - Michael Covington

Jamf announced it signed a definitive agreement to acquire ZecOps Inc., a leader in mobile detection and response. Dark Reading reports that this acquisition uniquely positions Jamf to help IT and security teams strengthen their organization's mobile security posture, accelerating mobile security investigations from weeks to minutes, leverage known indicators of compromise (IOC) at-scale, and identify sophisticated 0- or 1-click attacks on a much deeper scale.

"I am very excited to bring ZecOps' market-leading advanced mobile detection and response capabilities into the Jamf platform. We believe ZecOps has built a differentiated solution that meets a very important need for many organizations — the ability to thoroughly detect and investigate threats that target mobile users so they can confidently use these powerful devices for work. This capability further propels our goal of continuing to bridge the gap between what Apple provides and the enterprise requires." - Dean Hager

As reported in 9to5Mac, “The focus of this year’s JNUC is simplifying the management and security of devices used for work. In order to do this, we are asking Jamf Nation two questions: do your users love the technology they are using for work, and do your IT and security teams trust that technology? Our focus at Jamf is to ensure the answer to both of those questions is a resounding ‘yes’, with something we call Trusted Access,” said Dean Hager.

“Trusted Access puts enrollment at the foundation – whether for a BYO or corporately-owned device – and establishes the user as trusted. It also ensures only safe devices are able to access work resources to keep company data protected. For those devices that are enrolled and safe, their access to resources is completely seamless. The user can work anywhere, access all the corporate resources they need, and do not require multiple passcodes to remain productive.”

ComputerWorld noted Jamf opened its annual JNUC event for Apple admins with a slew of announcements focused on device management and security, a new Jamf Trust app, further information on its recently announced ZecOps deal and other updates likely to be of interest to Apple IT professionals.

Jamf also committed to supporting Microsoft Device Compliance on Macs later this year, with support for Google’s context-aware zero trust framework (BeyondCorp) on iOS devices in early 2023.

When organizations support BYOD, users can avoid carrying multiple devices while still having on-the-go access to their work applications and data. In this TechTarget Q&A, Dean Hager, Linh Lam and Michael Covington discuss Jamf's strategy, technical support and outlook on BYOD for iPhones in the enterprise.

One of the biggest concerns for school IT admins is internet safety on campus and at home. With many students using the internet to access inappropriate content, it’s important for schools to monitor what their students are doing online regardless if they’re at home or on campus. As discussed in 9to5Mac, Jamf Safe Internet helps keep your students safe from these hazards by blocking access to certain websites and apps altogether using a DNS-based approach that can easily be deployed using Jamf School or Jamf Pro.

As reported in Computerworld, Jamf has teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to introduce new tools to let IT admins manage virtual EC2 Macs.

“We have a long history of solving problems... So we came up with an ability to manage the virtual instances that are not dependent on MDM but rather dependent on our own innovations, and now customers are going to be able to procure and manage virtual Macs. We’re excited to continue to push the envelope on what’s possible with cloud-first technologies centered around the Apple platform." - Dean Hager

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And that’s just a small sampling! We look forward to sharing more news coverage about exciting new developments at Jamf as the rest of the year unfolds.

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