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March 2, 2022 by Alan Mann

Jamf and LifeSaver Mobile provide a driver safety solution for commercial fleets

The LifeSaver Mobile integration with Jamf Pro and Jamf Now makes it easier to prevent automotive accidents by restricting employees' access to their company phones while behind the wheel, all without the need for expensive hardware.

Since the introduction of smart mobile devices, one of the largest safety challenges for fleet owners has been removing driver distraction. Given the consumer-centric focus of Apple products, the task becomes monumental. It is very difficult to automatically block use of a device at driving speed without crossing the line of consumer rights and users’ choice to do as they wish, including using the phone while driving. But there is a solution – and it doesn’t require additional hardware in the vehicle. With the Jamf and LifeSaver Mobile integration, you can finally maximize driver safety easily and without the need for additional hardware in the vehicle.

What is the problem addressed by LifeSaver Mobile?

Distracted driving (cell phone distraction in particular) and speeding are major contributors to vehicle accidents. Cell phone distraction has become both an epidemic and a focal point of legal actions aimed at commercial fleets whose drivers’ use of cell phones is not effectively managed. Cell phone distraction is the primary and growing cause of at least 25% of all auto accidents, and insurance companies point to speeding as the leading cause of claims severity. Fleets and insurance companies should be actively addressing the issue since viable solutions are widely available, reasonably priced and proven to work.

The answer to this problem is to utilize technology to restrict access to cell phone usage while the driver is operating the vehicle. The technology interacts with the driver in real time when it detects an attempt to use the phone in an unsafe fashion. During the drive, the user receives immediate feedback that misuse of the phone has occurred and usage is blocked. Secondly, the driver receives a daily summary of their LifeSaver score that points out examples of misuse and provides a basis for self-correction. If the driver persists in misusing the phone, the fleet safety department will have a view of this behavior via the management portal.

How Jamf and LifeSaver Mobile work together

LifeSaver Mobile works with the existing Jamf environment to keep employees off their phones while driving. The LifeSaver solution is 100% software, no beacons or dongles needed to install in the vehicle. The software consists of a mobile application deployed to every employee phone, with each app managed by a cloud-based fleet portal used by the company’s managers to administer the LifeSaver program. Jamf Now streamlines the deployment of the LifeSaver app and strengthens employee compliance by preventing app removal.

By working with Jamf Pro, LifeSaver Mobile provides all the typical features of the LifeSaver program but also brings an added layer of device restriction through the real-time locking of iOS devices behind the wheel. LifeSaver Mobile + Jamf Pro combine to enhance your driver safety by automatically preventing screen access during drives.

In combination, the Jamf + LifeSaver solution secures company data and mitigates the risk of driver distraction. The solution thus effectively addresses two of the biggest concerns related to cell phone usage in a corporate environment.

Looking for more information? Download our solution brief on the Jamf + LifeSaver Mobile integration.

Photo of Alan Mann
Alan Mann
LifeSaver Mobile
Alan Mann has specialized in the commercial fleet safety technology space for over 20 years. He has consulted with technology companies about the use of video, phone app and telematic solutions. Most recently, he has worked with LifeSaver Mobile and a solution aimed at using driver phones to effectively mitigate the risks of driver distraction and speeding. He has expertise at identifying risky driving behaviors through the use of video and telematic data as well as the correction of those behaviors through real time driver feedback as well as driver coaching. He has worked extensively with insurance companies in the consideration and implementation of technology that insurers provide/incentivize for their insureds.
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