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As IT shifts to remote support operations, it is vital to think about how users request and receive the help they need. Mobile Device Management (MDM) and IT service management (ITSM) tools go hand-in-hand.

January 8 2024 by

Chalom Malka

In the ever-changing landscape of modern business, the role of Information Technology (IT) operations has become more critical than ever for businesses of all sizes. Regardless of the scale of your organization, the efficiency of IT operations is integral to achieving service excellence, ensuring compliance and maintaining an excellent security posture.

As companies navigate the complexities of a digital era, the need for seamless IT management has surged to the forefront. Device management, user support and adherence to compliance standards are not merely tasks — they are pillars supporting the foundation of a robust IT infrastructure.

Integrating your IT service management (ITSM) software with Mobile Device Management (MDM) offers your company more functions and capabilities than a simple and traditional ITSM alone.

Read on to learn more about:

  • What an MDM integration with your IT help desk looks like
  • How to leverage it to get the maximum potential from your IT support teams
  • The advantages for your IT support and IT operations departments

Why integrate MDM and ITSM?

In the intricate web of IT operations, the integration of MDM and ITSM software emerges as a powerful alliance. But first, let’s understand the roles each play in the overall IT infrastructure.

The limits of standalone ITSM

Conventional ITSM solutions often struggle to keep pace as IT operations evolve. Rooted in legacy architectures, these systems were not originally designed to accommodate the nuanced demands of modern device management.

The accelerating pace of technological change, coupled with a shift towards remote and hybrid models or bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, exposes the limitations of traditional ITSM. Attempts to retrofit these systems with MDM capabilities often fall short, highlighting a growing disparity between legacy solutions and the demands of a tech-savvy, decentralized workforce. As organizations increasingly opt for specialized, best-of-breed solutions, the integration of MDM and ITSM emerges as a strategic imperative rather than a mere technological luxury.

ITSM and MDM — better together

At the core of efficient IT operations lies device management, a responsibility shouldered by MDM. MDM, a pivotal member of the IT asset management (ITAM) family, specializes in controlling, maintaining and managing mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. It extends its reach to configure settings, enforce policies and even wipe data remotely, ensuring a harmonious integration of diverse devices within an organization.

On the other side of the IT workflow, ITSM takes center stage as the linchpin of IT help desk functionalities. ITSM is a comprehensive framework that encompasses a range of activities, including incident management, problem resolution, change management and service requests. It serves as the heartbeat of IT support, ensuring that services are delivered efficiently and in line with organizational needs.

While some traditional ITSM solutions may boast MDM capabilities, the pursuit of excellence often calls for a best-of-breed approach for both platforms. Here lies the crux of integration — connecting these specialized systems with the ITSM at the core of support. Integrating dedicated MDM and IT help desk solutions doesn’t stem from a desire to reinvent the wheel. Instead, it’s about recognizing the unique strengths each system brings to the table.

Benefits of an ITSM and MDM integration

Digital business tools create efficiency in IT operations and provide the means to help improve the employee experience. That said, using multiple software solutions in addition to your ITSM forces support teams to inefficiently reference multiple system to get the information they need for support. Integrating your ITSM and MDM software fixes this problem for IT support and IT operations with a host of benefits.

IT support can appreciate:

Efficient troubleshooting: Within a single location, support agents can view hardware, software, licenses users and locations, improving visibility into company operations and assets and streamlining the support process. This also eliminates duplicate support records across multiple platforms.

Proactive issue resolution: By using IT help desk workflows with data points from their MDM, agents can anticipate and address potential device-related problems before they escalate, triggering automated tasks to remediate issues.

Comprehensive user support: Since agents have comprehensive data from the start, issues resolve faster than ever, keeping agents and end users happy. This means users are more likely to reach out to IT for support, instead of letting issues fester and potentially cause damage.

IT operations reaps the rewards of:

Unified incident and device management: An ITSM and MDM integration seamlessly combines incident resolution and device management, ensuring that device-related issues are addressed within the broader context of service requests, fostering a holistic approach to IT support.

Enhanced security and compliance: An integration enforces device policies seamlessly within the ITSM framework, ensuring that IT operations align with regulatory standards and safeguard against potential security threats.

Integrating Jamf Pro and Siit

The integration between two powerful software solutions — Jamf, a leading MDM solution, and Siit, a comprehensive IT help desk platform, is modernizing internal support. The combination transcends the boundaries of traditional IT management, propelling operational efficiency to new heights. Whether your organization boasts a vast employee network or operates on a smaller scale, the quest for efficiency is universal, and the connection of Jamf and Siit is the key to unlocking it.

With the Jamf Pro and Siit integration, your business can turn equipment requests into a seamless resolution flow. Check out the versatility and flexibility you get with the Jamf Pro and Siit integration:

  • Easily connect Siit and Jamf in one click.
  • Synchronize Jamf devices in Siit.
  • View Jamf equipment when an employee request is raised in Siit.
  • Leverage advanced request management with conversational AI.
  • Enables in Siit the ability to trigger Jamf actions (locking or unlocking devices, resetting passwords and more).
  • Streamline Siit workflows with Jamf data points.

The Siit and Jamf integration isn't just a technological alignment, it's a strategic partnership that redefines IT operations. With a steady rise in employee expectations, integrating Jamf Pro with Siit allows your IT help desk to cut down on handling time by boosting internal support agent performance and ticket resolutions. Your employees benefit by getting a better employee experience. That’s the key to increasing growth and revenue for your business.

Try Siit for free or request a demo to see how it works!

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