Measuring the business value of Apple device management

We partnered with Hobson & Company, an independent research firm to quantify and validate the time and cost savings of a comprehensive Apple device management solution. See the results.

November 27 2018 by

Jen Kaplan

“What is the return on investment?” An age-old question when considering adding new hardware or software within an organization. To give you a true sense of the return on investment (ROI) with Jamf Pro, we partnered with Hobson & Company, an independent third-party research firm to quantify and validate the time and cost savings of a comprehensive Apple device management solution.

To share the results, Jamf and Hobson & Company collaborated on a webinar which is now available as an on-demand recording.

Collecting and analyzing the ROI data

Hobson & Company conducted more than a dozen in-depth and 1-on-1 interviews to help get to the core of the pain points of enterprise-wide Apple device management.

The research revealed several issues driving the need for “best-in-class” Apple device management, which are:

  1. Compromised security – Security is a top priority, yet it’s challenging to enforce company-wide security policies and updates for every device. While most organizations still depend on end users to maintain the appropriate settings, this results in a patchwork of settings across the Apple ecosystem. Some updates are not made, resulting in unintended vulnerabilities.
  2. Rising end-user expectations When a user submits an IT support ticket, they expect a quick resolution. Often, they are left waiting in a long queue, as IT resources are stretched thin.
  3. Lack of Apple-focused solutions – Lack of focus on Apple-specific device management tools has left IT administrators with half-baked solutions. Because the solutions are not made exclusively for Apple devices, handling common IT tasks are often ineffective and can lead to wasted hours of troubleshooting.

Undeniable value of a dedicated Apple management solution

The above issues can be met with streamlining Apple device management to one solution. The webinar highlighted eight benefits — across three management areas — of leveraging Jamf Pro:

  1. Less time spent provisioning devices
  2. Reduced time spent on app management
  3. Reduced cost of application licenses
  4. Lower help desk ticket volume
  5. Greater end-user productivity due to management of technical problems
  6. Automated security and policy management
  7. Reduced time spent managing inventory
  8. Smaller probability of costly security breaches due to a consistent deployment of security policies

The Apple device management choice is clear

From hearing the pain points IT teams face when it comes to implementing, managing and streamlining Apple device management, the need for an exclusive management solution for all Apple devices is clear.

Jamf Pro lets you accomplish zero-touch deployments, device configuration, app management, extensive inventory, complex security controls, and provides your users with a Self Service app catalog that IT can populate with approved apps and resources.

Want to hear the experts explain their Jamf ROI findings? Watch the webinar now.

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