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April 16, 2018 by Nick Thompson

Migration options for organizations considering a new device management solution

With Ivanti announcing the end-of-life of their Heat LANrev product — which was a universal endpoint management (UEM) tool — now is the time to examine your IT management strategy and choose tools that complement the ecosystem of devices you have, as opposed to managing all platforms with a UEM tool.

Managing multiple platforms can be difficult with one management tool. Especially when you consider the frequent software updates that must be supported, the new programs and management features that need to be implemented, and the unique workflows of each operating system.

If you look for commonalities across the different operating systems — Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Chrome OS — you’ll be hard-pressed to find any. But, when you look at the platforms by ecosystem, you begin to see alignment. By choosing to manage devices in the manner in which they were intended, as opposed to lumping them all together, you optimize management tasks without compromising their functional benefits.

Choosing an Apple ecosystem management tool
Ivanti announced the end-of-life of their Heat LANrev product, which was a universal endpoint management (UEM) tool. Now is the time to examine your IT management strategy and choose tools that complement the ecosystem of devices you have, as opposed to managing all platforms with a UEM tool.

Jamf’s focus is to help organizations succeed with Apple through purpose-built Apple mobile device management (MDM) tools — Jamf Now and Jamf Pro. More than 15,000 organizations trust Jamf to manage over 10 million Apple devices; many of which migrated from other management solutions.

To help organizations successfully migrate, Jamf entered into an exclusive consulting agreement last year with industry veteran and founder of LANrev, Martin Bestmann.

“My number one priority has always been to serve in the best interest of customers,” said Bestmann. “As the trusted advisor to organizations choosing an MDM solution, I feel a responsibility to ensure they have a technology that is built for and addresses their needs. Over the past decade, Jamf has grown to be the undisputed leader in Apple management. After considering all of the options available, I believe Jamf’s offerings are the market standard.”

Jamf offers migration services, a dedicated support expert to ensure a smooth transition, an e-book to help educate customers on the steps involved in migrating MDM solutions and affordable subscription-based pricing. In addition, Jamf provides access to Jamf Nation, a community of more than 60,000 Apple IT experts who can offer advice to migrating organizations.

Integrating with other management tools
Of course, we know that organizations don’t just have Apple devices on their network and need dedicated tools to manage their PCs and Android devices as well. This is why we entered a partnership with Microsoft to integrate with Microsoft Intune, a best-of-breed management tool for Windows devices.

Organizations can share their Jamf Mac inventory data with Intune and leverage proxy-free conditional access to Office 365, ensuring only trusted users on trusted devices using trusted apps gain access to corporate data. If a device fails to meet or remain in compliance, a user-remediation path is made available for users and/or devices to become compliant.

This integration provides the single pane of glass reporting and secure access to cloud data that organizations desire, all while maintaining unique management capabilities that are required for Apple devices.

Organizations can use Jamf for all their Apple devices, and Intune for everything else. Enjoy the best of both worlds with the two most popular technology ecosystems.

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