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December 6, 2018 by Jeni Asaba

Modernizing patient engagement at Emma Children’s Hospital

Emma Children’s recently began replacing wall-mounted monitors with iPad devices to better serve patients and streamline clinical communications. Read their incredible story.

For the last 153 years, care teams have looked after Amsterdam’s youngest population at Emma Children’s Hospital. Now, decades later, as a part of the Amsterdam University Medical Center (UMC), the hospital continues their mission to provide the best possible care for patients by adding a modern approach to patient engagement.

Emma Children’s recently included Apple technology in their teenagers ward. Every room now offers an iPad, which replaced wall-mounted monitors that served as the room’s primary form of entertainment. And to best serve their diverse population, the hospital enlisted the help of patient engagement experts and Jamf Certified Managed Service Provider (MSP) CareServant, who creates unique content profiles for each device upon a patient’s admittance.

Roland Kramer, head nurse of the teenagers ward, said the devices are a huge asset to his patients during their hospital stay. “When you’re bored in the hospital, it takes a long time for the time to pass,” he said. “When you’re having fun and are distracted from illness and your pain, you recover faster.”

Every patient has access to an iPad that’s pre-populated with content specifically selected for their age group and illness. But the devices do more than entertain. Powered by Jamf Pro, CareServant provides a solution that allows the iPad to facilitate important communications between a patient’s family and their care team.

“We have functionalities in our application that create a relationship and communication between the patient and staff,” said George Frey, commercial director, CareServant. “That makes the staff more receptive to what the patient needs.”

Emma Children’s plans to expand the iPad program to other parts of the hospital as a way to provide a better experience for all of their patients. And with Jamf powering the deployment, Frey is confident in the success of the program, now and into the future. He said, “The combination of Apple, Jamf and CareServant at Emma Children’s Hospital gives more comfort and distraction to young patients and more control to the hospital staff – so everyone is winning.”

To learn more about Emma Children’s and how they provide customized content to patients for an overall better hospital experience, read the full case study.

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