Network Threat Prevention Across the Jamf Security Portfolio

A deep dive into Jamf's Network Threat Prevention technology that protects customers across Jamf Protect, Jamf Threat Defense* and Jamf Safe Internet. This session will explore Jamf Security Cloud's globally distributed networking stack as well as how it protects customers of all types.

September 27 2022 by

Jesus Vigo

What is Network Threat Prevention (NTP)?

According to Milind Patel, Sr. Product Manager, Endpoint Security at Jamf, this is defined as “a capability that helps you to mitigate network-based threats and block risky and inappropriate content, while preserving end-user experience.”

Given the sheer necessity that having an always-on connection to the Internet plays in modern computing, the ability to identify, manage, block and remediate threats from network connections has never been greater. When considering what known and unknown resources users are required to access in order to remain productive, protecting against the myriad threats that exist manually, such as phishing, is difficult but not impossible, yet certainly necessary to keep data safe, devices safeguarded and preserve privacy.

Does Jamf offer any solutions to protect against network-based threats?

In a word, yes it does. In fact, there are several solutions that — depending on your risk appetite, industry and/or infrastructure — could be leveraged to secure your endpoints against different types of network-based threats, these solutions are:

  • Jamf Protect: Purpose-built macOS endpoint security solution.
  • Jamf Threat Defense*: Mobile threat defense solution against iOS-based targeted attacks.
  • Jamf Data Policy*: Solution that helps control data usage across your organization.
  • Jamf Safe Internet: Provides a safe and secure Internet experience focused on the educational sector.

Alongside his presentation, Milind also provides a demonstration of how Jamf solutions work to minimize risk from network-based threats across the modern threat landscape. He dives into how macOS endpoints are protected by leading us through the various data security planes:

  • User
  • Data
  • Control
  • Management

To ensure that sensitive data and privacy remain secured while limiting access to only the resources that are approved by IT and Security teams, providing stakeholders confidence that requested resources are free from potential risk.

Not to be left out, iOS-based user devices are also safeguarded through mobile threat protection technologies that are baked into several of Jamf’s solutions listed above.

How does Jamf gather threat intelligence for use in NTP solutions?

Would you believe us if we said “magic”? While the truth lies in several technical factors, the reality is that by bringing several block technologies together, the resulting threat intelligence and how it’s used by Jamf’s solution are nothing short of magical when your Apple fleet is secured and protected against NTPs.

More specifically, the technologies that inform these blocks are:

  • MI:RIAM: Advanced machine learning (ML) engine identifies and prevents unknown threats through consistent scanning and data analysis.
  • Jamf Threat Labs: Research performed by Jamf’s internal team of security professionals is incorporated directly into Jamf solutions to provide the greatest protection against current and evolving threats.
  • Supplementary Feeds: Threat intelligence feeds are shared within the infosec community and through established partnerships with Jamf to round-out findings.
  • BYO Custom Intelligence: The “secret sauce” that allows users to bring into the fold their own threat intelligence data, customized to your unique needs.

Throughout his presentation, Milind provides in-depth guidance and demonstrations on how Jamf’s multiple solutions fit your environment to keep your users, devices and data safely protected against network-based threats across the entire Apple fleet, at any time and from anywhere, over any network connection.

*As of February 2023, Jamf Data Policy and Jamf Threat Defense capabilities are included with Jamf Protect.

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