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January 7, 2020 by Danielle Dries

Prepare for Device Management in 2020

Put in a little bit of time now to save a lot of time later: prepare for growth in 2020 with Jamf Now.

2020 has just begun! As we come up for air following a busy 2019 holiday season, we are checking off our grocery lists, cleaning up decorations and preparing to get back to business. Preparing for 2020 is still on our minds since we want to start the new decade off with a bang. After a lot of interest, we wanted to follow up our webinar on planning for 2020 with a written version to talk about planning for this year and answer some common questions.

An important part of planning for 2020 for all businesses should include technology. Adding tech can sound really easy: “I have an iPhone; I love my iPhone; I should go to my local store and buy everyone on my team an iPhone.” However, buying Apple devices like a consumer could result in trying to manage your devices like a consumer, which leaves you with some potential challenges that are easy to overlook.

  • Do I use iCloud Apple ID’s to allow employees to link their personal and work devices?
  • Do I use iCloud backups?
  • How do I require a password?
  • What if an employee leaves my company and I’m locked out of my device?
  • How does this affect my overall level of security?

If your business found workarounds to any of these questions, as you often can, the solution you’ve manufactured may not be scalable or secure. It likely overlooks a few aspects that may not be noticeable now — but will become very evident as you grow, add more devices or want to do more with them. Looking into a Mobile Device Manager (MDM) like Jamf Now may be your next step.

Why MDM and why Jamf Now?

When it comes to starting your journey into MDM, you will want to make sure you can leverage the expertise of your partners — choose them wisely. Jamf prides itself on being able to understand your technology goals and in helping you succeed by avoid pitfalls along the way. When it comes to managing Apple devices, Apple is all Jamf does.

What really sets us apart is Day Zero Support: when a new OS is released, Jamf Now is ready to ensure management of the new update right away.

Jamf Now is an MDM that deploys apps, manages your device inventory, requires certain levels of security and customizes devices to fit your team. Ready to get more from your devices and enable your team to do their best work? Jamf Now allows you to pair your devices with Apple’s fantastic free business programs and get started in three easy steps!

Step one: Apple Business Manager

When preparing to launch devices in your organization, you should connect with Apple or an authorized Apple reseller who specializes in helping businesses succeed. Business teams at Apple retail stores, or cellular carrier business teams (T-Mobile, Bell etc) can help you sign up for Apple Business Manager, which is step number one to successfully manage devices in 2020. If you’ve already been using Apple Business Manager, great! If not, check out a previous blog, Jamf Now and Apple Business Manager: Dynamic Duo, which outlines why you should enroll in this free program from Apple.

Step two: sign up for Jamf Now and manage three free devices

Once your organization is enrolled into Apple Business Manager, you’ll want to sign up for Jamf Now. Check out our Quick Start Guide to set up, enroll and link Jamf Now to your Apple Business Manager Account! Following this guide will lead you through the basic functions of Jamf Now, offering you foundational knowledge of the Jamf Now platform.

Note: Be sure to purchase devices through the authorized channel you started with to ensure all devices auto-enroll into Jamf Now!

Step three: put in a little time now to save a lot of time later

Whether you want to be hands-on in your device management every day or you prefer to 'set it and forget it," Jamf Now allows you to get up and running quickly — so that you are prepared for company growth and more devices in the future. Putting in a little time now to think about the future will save you a lot of time later when roadblocks and pitfalls arise that could have been avoided.


Turn on your devices, watch them enroll into your Blueprints and hand them out to employees to enjoy. With millions of small businesses around the world, Jamf has a solution to suit all of their needs. We are here to help!

After you look back on a successful year, be sure to look forward: start the '20s off on a successful note.

See 'Planning for 2020' webinar.

Sign up for Jamf Now: three devices are free!

Danielle Dries
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