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A small staff shouldn’t stop a small business from efficiently using technology to reach their goals – and according to Jamf, it doesn't.

February 19 2020 by

Jonathan Locast

Jamf Now works hard for the hard worker

You are a dreamer and a warrior. You’re the first one through the door in the morning and the last one out. Every. Day. You wear more hats than can fit on a head and complete more tasks in a day than many would think possible. Everything from balancing budgets, creating schedules, working on the floor, behind a register, interacting with customers, drumming up grassroots marketing and putting out fires that crop up at a moment’s notice. “Nine to five, five days a week” is something you’ve never heard of and you wouldn’t want it anyhow. All of this to chase down and bring to life YOUR vision. You own or are a pivotal part of a small business.

You accepted this life and role because you have a vision and a goal to create something special for your small business. You want to crush your goals, grow your business, grow your team and see your dreams come to fruition.

But sometimes the hindrance to all dreams is time and resources. Every day is about maximizing your time and resources . . . which is where technology can be a gift or a waste.

Apple has become a staple brand in the world for mobile devices on a consumer level. Everywhere you look, someone has the new iPhone, is on an iPad or MacBook, is listening to AirPods or checking their Apple watch. But Apple is also making its way into businesses more and more.

Large companies and small businesses alike are able to gain access to a slew of apps, tools and software they need to achieve their specific business goals. The difference is, large companies will always have more time and resources at their disposal and often have full teams dedicated to maximizing how they use their technology. Unless you are taking on the task yourself, it’s likely a small business does not. That shouldn’t stop a small business from efficiently using technology to reach their goals – and according to Jamf, it DOESN’T.

With a product suite built to fit every business’s size, needs and goals, Jamf offers small and medium businesses Jamf Now. Jamf Now gives you the power of enterprise-level device management without demanding that you have expert-level IT knowledge. We take it upon ourselves to create a product that allows you, the user, to simply check boxes and toggle restrictions on or off to fit your needs while behind-the-scenes more in-depth device management tasks happen.

The beauty of this is that many small business owners or workers have no need to be hung up by the minute backend details. While this offers a little less customization, many people simply don’t need it. They want to know that by checking the right boxes, inputting the right details and adding the apps they need to Jamf Now Blueprints, their devices will be set up exactly how they want.

“Jamf Now is the simplest MDM solution to deploy. If you put your head down with the slightest bit of technical knowledge, Jamf Now is easy to set up and will make meeting some of the most stringent asset management requirements a reality.” – Gareth Stonebraker, Virtru

Customers like this are why we do what we do. It’s our goal to make sure technology is providing you with access to resources that are advancing your business, not slowing you down.

With Apple devices running smoothly and any problems solved quickly, businesses can focus on making more sales, getting more work done, collaborating effortlessly and keeping project timelines on course all across the world. Businesses spend time on maximizing how apps can be used to conquer the work week, not simply making sure every iPad has the app or program to begin with.

Giving yourself and your team what they need and want, while eliminating wasted time spent trying to do IT tasks you aren’t fully sure how to do, sounds like solving two problems at once. The first three enrolled devices are free, so you can actually see for yourself how effective it can be.

Read our free E-book to learn more about the basics of Apple Device Management for small and medium business.

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