Tighter Security for Virtru through Central Management

Read how Virtru ventured into the governmental space and was able to leverage Jamf Now’s central management to gain FedRAMP compliance.

December 23 2019 by

Jonathan Locast

We live in an age of information. In fact, we have lived in this era since the start of the 20th century. The Computer Age, Digital Age, the New Media Age. Call it what you will — it offers us the ability to have information at our fingertips. Any business leader worth their salt is using all the information and data they can get their hands on to drive decision making.

This has made data a valuable and precious commodity in our new age, resulting in two things: One, companies are creating more intricate and effective ways to collect every aspect of data and information that they can. Two, as customers and consumers, we are becoming sensitive to and protective of the use of our own personal data. Because this data is precious to both parties, companies of all sizes are looking to put measures in place around data protection.

That is why companies like Virtru are succeeding in offering data protection abilities to companies of all sizes. From the healthcare industry to government entities, Virtru offers enterprise-level protection for everyone. However, as Virtru learned, moving into different industries comes with different levels of compliance to fulfil.

Read how Virtru ventured into new territory and was able to leverage Jamf Now’s central management to gain FedRAMP compliance — continuing their success and growth into the government space and expanding upon their overall mission.

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