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Top 5 Jamf resources of all time

Posted in: Enterprise, Education

Who doesn’t love a top five list! While talk radio (and your friend at the local watering hole) love to debate who the greatest is at [fill in the blank], this list is a little different.

We turned to the analytics to see what assets received the most engagement, and ultimately, helped the most people succeed with Apple.

Drum roll please…

5. Total Cost of Ownership: Mac Versus PC
Speaking of great debates, are there any more heated than Mac versus PC? Download this white paper to once and for all see which computer platform is better for employees — and easier on the budget.

4. Everything You Need to Know About Apple File System for macOS
After nearly 20 years, the Mac file system received an overhaul. While exciting, this raised a lot of questions. We consulted Apple to get answers. If you have any lingering APFS questions, this paper will help.

3. Mobile Device Management 101
MDM, as it's commonly known, can do some incredible things, like allow IT to tell devices how to behave, ensure security features are in place and allow users to gain access to resources no matter where they are. But how does it all work? This e-book will show you.

2. Apple Device Management for Beginners
As Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV continue to find their place in more businesses and schools around the globe, many are now tasked with deploying, securing and managing Apple devices for the first time. This guide is a crash-course into all things Apple management.

1. Casper Suite 101: The Basics
I told you this was an all-time list. Yes, we’ve rebranded Casper Suite to Jamf Pro, and have updated this overview video. But the title and our roots of helping you succeed with Apple remain true. Watch this for an overview of Jamf Pro, the standard in Apple device management.

Now this is only five out of hundreds of resources designed to help ensure your Apple program is a success. So, if one of the above isn’t what you had in mind, scour our library to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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