What is Jamf School?

Jamf School helps teachers get the most from iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

February 5 2024 by

classroom of students holding iPads managed by Jamf raises hand to answer question from teacher holding iPad.

Jamf’s mobile device management (MDM) school solution means that teachers and IT professionals receive an MDM for education powerhouse for running today’s modern classroom with the best learning technology available: Apple for schools.

Jamf School’s intuitive web-based interface simplifies deploying, conducting inventory and securing Apple devices — while offering teacher workflows and other classroom management assistance.

As one of our education customers recently shared, Jamf School makes It easy to get started, simple to sync accounts with Apple School Manager, and offers so many features to make your life easier that they dedicated a post to all the ways Jamf School is great for educators.

What Jamf School can do for you

  • Simplify classroom management with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Show you all device information on one dashboard
  • Give automatic access to subject-specific materials for students
  • Track damaged devices
  • Tackle multiple locations with ease
  • Cache content that will be used by multiple students to avoid internet slowdowns

Not to mention making it easier to make profiles, name devices, simplify management and assignment of books and apps, and even upload student photos in Apple classroom.

In addition to our purpose-built MDM solution for school, Jamf School also comes with three powerful education apps:

Jamf School Teacher

Combined with Apple Classroom, the Jamf School Teacher app empowers educators to develop learning and teaching opportunities using iPad in the classroom. Giving management tools to limit app and web access, restrict functionality and create lessons to reduce teacher workload.

Jamf School Student

This powerful app allows students to set up their own devices, communicate with teachers, store documents in their personal iCloud drives and more.

Jamf School Parent

This app supports parents and devices used at home. This app allows parents to restrict usage for specific times throughout the day. Parents can also receive a notification when a child gets to school or arrives home.

Secure Apple in Schools

The final piece of the puzzle: security and privacy for education users. Jamf School’s integration with Jamf Safe Internet supports student safety through content filtering and network threat intervention.

Ready to empower teachers, students, parents and IT professionals with an intuitive purpose-built MDM school solution? Check out our prices, and then give Jamf School a test drive today.

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