macOS packages as easy as point and click.

Build software packages with complete customization.

Take pride in telling users, “You want it, you got it.”

Building macOS software packages for your users has never been easier.

Jamf Composer — a Mac package manager — empowers you to pre-configure and customize packages to meet organizational requirements and provide users with immediate access to the software they need. Upon creation, packages are ready for deployment in the format of your choosing and can be reused, allowing you to help more users with the same package.

Jamf Composer packaging up custom software


Build packages using a drag-and-drop interface, library of manifests, system snapshots or convert an existing package. Sign packages with your Apple Developer ID certificate for trusted deployment. Jamf Composer packages are standards-compatible and available for deployment with Apple Remote Desktop, Jamf Pro or any other patch management system.


Jamf Composer comes with every purchase of Jamf Pro, and is available for purchase as a stand-alone Mac package manager. Jamf Composer is $99.95 (commercial version) or $79.95 (education version). Buy now.

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