App Lifecycle Management for creating personal, purpose-built devices.

Productivity and security through streamlined app workflows.

What is Application Lifecycle Management?

From a seamless onboarding experience to empowering users to get the most up-to-date productivity resources, apps intersect at every step of a user’s journey. Application Lifecycle Management is more than just keeping apps updated with the latest version. It’s a secure workflow for managing all of the applications in an environment — where you get apps, where they live, how they are reported on, and ways new and updated apps get to your end users.

App Lifecycle Management gives your end users the flawless experience they’ve come to expect, while also keeping an eye on compatibility issues and security risks that come with outdated software.

Fast-tracking user productivity.

With so many apps to configure and customize — in so little time — what is an IT team to do?

With Jamf Pro’s app management capabilities, simply designate who gets what software and when. Remotely distribute pre-configured apps to Mac, iPad and iPhone from the App Store or third-party vendors and empower users with instant access to the trusted apps they need with a single click.

App lifecycle management the smart way.

Start your day with app to-dos already crossed off your list.

Purchasing and license management

All the apps you need in one Jamf app catalog. Jamf Pro integrates with Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager to easily license and deploy apps in bulk right from the Apple or B2B App Store. Assign apps to users or devices (no Apple ID required) and re-assign licenses as needs change. Jamf Pro also offers hundreds of third-party software titles, including many of the most commonly-installed apps by Mac users, providing a single, consistent workflow for maintaining all of the critical apps in your environment.

App configuration

Support native app management across all of your Apple devices; no custom SDK or containerization required. Leverage managed app configuration or deploy custom settings via configuration profiles to customize and personalize apps for streamlined workflows and instant end user productivity. For macOS, use Jamf Composer to build custom app and software packages.

App reporting

With complete visibility into the status of your software, report on all of the titles and versions installed in your environment. See which devices are on the latest version and which aren’t, giving you the ability to demonstrate compliance or take action. Ensure users always get the latest and greatest software, so you can avoid known security issues and put your security team at ease.

Automated notifications let you know when new versions of third-party software are available so you can take action. What about App Store apps? Use Jamf to automatically update Mac, iPad and iPhone apps from the App Store, or deploy individual updates as needed. Set iOS apps to update automatically to maintain the most secure environment.

App distribution

Distribute apps and content to Mac, iPad and iPhone from the App Store or third-party software vendors to an individual or group. This can be done silently, pushed on demand or published to your Jamf Pro enterprise app store. Avoid compatibility issues by ensuring software version consistency throughout your organization. Distribute apps and updates to an individual or group of users, on demand or push them directly Make software updates available to users on demand or push them directly to devices.

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