Jamf School for student success and engagement.

Connect with students wherever they are.

Connect with students.

Our unique product features and valued partnerships can result in engaged, prepared students with easy access to teachers and assessments to continue their education.

The Jamf Teacher app for Jamf School

  • Help students with questions immediately with the Raise Hand feature that allows students to send messages to the instructor when the teacher has enabled two-way communication.
  • Remote Class feature helps teachers to organize classes, lessons, and students for remote learning.
  • Explain Everything virtual whiteboard: Share video lessons, collaborate, or livecast your whiteboard for visual learners.

The Jamf Assessment app

Allow remote students to continue their educations with the Jamf Assessment app: an iPadOS app that enables live proctoring of high-stakes web-based assessment exams. In conjunction with a third-party video sharing product, Jamf Assessment uses a simple conference platform link to allow proctors to view a video of the student and their iPad screen throughout the test.