Jamf Unveils Zero-day Support for Apple’s macOS High Sierra, iOS 11 and tvOS 11

MINNEAPOLIS – Sept. 12, 2017Jamf, the leader in Apple device management, today announced support across all of its products, including Jamf Pro and Jamf Now, for macOS High Sierra, iOS 11 and tvOS 11, which will become generally available soon. In addition to compatibility for all of Apple’s fall operating systems, Jamf Pro 9.101 also includes new features for the latest payloads, restrictions and MDM commands.

“At Jamf, we are dedicated to helping organizations succeed with Apple. In fact, it’s our mission,” said Michael Devins, product manager, Jamf. “In order to achieve our mission, it is critical that we support all of Apple’s releases by the time they become generally available, and we have been doing so since 2002. When it comes to zero-day support for our Jamf Pro product, we don’t simply offer compatibility (which is the bare minimum), but also new features and workflows. We have four dedicated engineering teams working year-round to ensure users are supported with all the new features without any delay.”

When customers upgrade to the latest Apple operating systems, IT administrators can be confident their mobile device management (MDM) workflows will be uninterrupted. In addition, zero-day compatibility, including beta support, as well as new feature support enables businesses to:

  • Adequately test Apple releases prior to general availability.
  • Protect themselves against security vulnerabilities because devices are up to date.
  • Keep end users productive because they are able to take advantage of the latest functionality from Apple.
  • Meet end users’ expectations due to their ability successfully update their device(s) the day the new operating systems become available.

Apple’s upgrades include a number of new features and enhancements for the enterprise and educational institutions. Some of the key features of the new Apple operating systems unlocked with Jamf include:

macOS High Sierra

  • Zero-touch provisioning of Mac devices with the Apple File System (APFS)
  • Cisco Fast Lane quality of service (QoS) support for apps
  • New restrictions, security settings and configurations
  • Deferring software updates for up to 90 days

iOS 11

  • An MDM command to upgrade non-DEP supervised devices to iOS 11
  • Restricting AirPrint, manual VPN settings and systems app deletion

tvOS 11

  • Defining Home screen layout on an Apple TV
  • Showing or hiding specific tvOS apps
  • Restricting tvOS media content and ability to modify device name
  • Setting passwords for specific Apple TV devices to share automatically to specific iPads

“At Jamf, we don’t struggle supporting multiple and competing maintenance cycles because we are completely committed to providing a purpose-built solution focused exclusively on Apple users,” said Dean Hager, CEO, Jamf. “With Jamf versions planned around Apple’s release cycle, users are productive on Apple’s most recent technology and organizations are protected, immediately and always.”

In addition to providing zero-day support for Apple’s upcoming operating systems, Jamf extended the power of its Healthcare Listener by making the remote wipe command available for tvOS (in addition to iOS). Further, Jamf extended its integration with ServiceNow to now include iOS and tvOS inventory in addition macOS inventory, which was introduced last fall. Lastly, Jamf Pro 9.101 includes a new API for Lost Mode, new settings for re-enrollment, and security enhancements for the deployment of in-house iOS apps.

About Jamf

Since 2002, Jamf has been solely focused on helping organizations succeed with Apple. Jamf is committed to enabling IT to empower end users and bring the legendary Apple experience to businesses, education, and government organizations via its Jamf Pro and Jamf Now solutions, and the 50,000+ member Jamf Nation community. Today, more than 12,000 global customers rely on Jamf to manage over eight million Apple devices. To learn more, visit https://www.jamf.com.