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Transform the patient experience with iPad.

Increase patient satisfaction with mobile healthcare solutions.

An iPad away from better care.

The healthcare landscape is changing.

Providers are looking for ways to deliver faster, more personalized care to their patients while improving communications within their care teams.

Patients want more control and a better overall experience. Imagine a world that allows patients to see their medical records, close the blinds and call a nurse – all from an iPad.

It’s a new world, and it’s possible.

See what’s possible with mobile healthcare solutions.

Inherently intuitive and packed with power, Apple devices are changing lives in healthcare. Using Jamf Pro to manage iPads, iPhones and Apple TVs allows providers to transform bedside care and provide patients with a more personal experience. Better healthcare is here, and we’re excited to help you improve the patient experience.

Remotely manage Apple devices

Replace disjointed hospital room gadgets with an iPad and mobile device management (MDM) to centralize communication between the patient and healthcare team without heavy lifting from IT. Automatically configure each device with zero-touch technology and digitally sterilize that device after patient discharge. Configure, deploy, wipe, repeat.

Seamless clinical communications

Enhance the ability to deliver efficient, high-quality care through the secure iOS platform and Jamf Pro. With a wealth of healthcare and communication apps for iOS, Jamf Pro helps you deploy pre-configured apps with the appropriate settings and security standards, creating methods for seamless clinical communication between care teams.

Enhanced patient experience

With iPad at the center of the patient experience, healthcare providers can enable patients to interact with their caregivers, see details about their care plans, control their room environment and use apps for entertainment and patient education. Also, deliver point-of-care surveys to receive immediate feedback about the patient’s experience.

Healthcare compliance

Jamf Pro allows you to set security policies and monitor the health of your environment. Generate reports to demonstrate compliance with security standards (such as HIPAA) – an ability that helps mitigate regulatory compliance risks while streamlining audits.

How is IT reacting to the mobile device growth in healthcare?

According to global research conducted by an independent agency, security is the number one concern for healthcare organizations managing mobile devices.

Download our e-book to read the full survey report and hear what else 550 IT professionals had to say about the healthcare industry. You'll discover:

  • Trends in healthcare and their impact on patients and providers
  • Tools required to mitigate risk and comply with regulations
  • MDM solutions and benefits

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Watch a short demo video about Jamf Pro to see an array of management features in action.

Take a peek under the hood and see how Jamf Pro helps you deliver a better Apple experience.