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March 24, 2020 by Garrett Denney

Announcing same-day Apple support

For the ninth year running, we are excited to deliver support for new Apple operating systems the day they are available. Learn more.

With great new features from Apple like Shared iPad for business on top of new enhancements from Jamf, Jamf Pro 10.20.1 is an update you won’t want to miss.

Same-day support

We have heard how critical same-day support is to you and your teams. That’s why we are so excited to announce that for the ninth year in a row we are delivering same-day support for Apple’s new operating systems: iOS 13.4, iPadOS 13.4, macOS 10.15.4 and tvOS 13.4.

Whether you want to immediately roll out the new operating systems to staff or delay availability so IT can take time to validate the updates, same-day support is a powerful way we have your back during one of the busiest times of the year.

Shared iPad for business is one feature coming to iPadOS this year that adds new flexibility to existing workflows. Though you’ll want to wait to share devices until the current health crisis subsides, this feature is going to be an impactful way for you to leverage iPads in kiosks, classrooms and learning labs in the future. Shared iPad was already available to Apple School Manager users but is now available to Apple Business Manager users, too.

In addition to compatibility and key feature support for Apple’s operating system updates, we also recently launched a few product enhancements to help streamline your fleet management and better secure computers.

Activation Lock for macOS

Activation Lock is a powerful theft deterrent that helps give end users confidence that their data and Mac are better protected in the field. However, a locked computer can cause headaches for an admin if it isn’t properly configured.

With this update, we’re giving you the power to better manage Activation Lock at scale on macOS computers. Jamf Pro admins can now send commands to allow Activation Lock, collect an Activation Lock Bypass Code and disallow Activation Lock.

This added control will help empower you to decide if Activation Lock is right for your organization and give you the tools needed to recover devices if they are accidentally locked.

Enrollment packages

Computer PreStage enrollment allows you to build and store settings in Jamf Pro and use them to enroll new computers at scale. With Jamf Pro 10.20, we are making it more clear which enrollment packages have custom manifests attached. It also adds support for removing custom manifests from packages.

Updated user interface

At Jamf, we are continually investing in making our UI more modern and streamlined so you can successfully manage devices faster. With Jamf Pro 10.20, we are restyling a few UI elements, like the “Done” button.

Previously broken out as its own button, we are incorporating “Done” into the existing “back” arrow. We hope this change makes your day-to-day management workflows just a little more efficient by eliminating a click every time you need to save your work.

Above you can see the buttons present in Jamf Pro 10.19 and earlier, including “Done” and “Test.”

With Jamf Pro 10.20, we are streamlining “Test” to be a simple icon.

Furthermore, the “Done” button is removed and its functionality incorporated into the back arrow button.

For a full rundown of the entire release, check out our release notes. If you want to see firsthand how Jamf Pro can help supercharge your Apple management, head to jamf.com and get in touch.

Garrett Denney
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