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October 18, 2021 by Matthias Wollnik

Boost your Apple security knowledge with the new Jamf 370 Course

The Jamf 370 Course offers Apple admins and security team members a comprehensive course targeting both Apple-specific security and practices that leverage Jamf software to manage macOS endpoint protection through identification and mitigation strategies.

As many of you know, Jamf develops industry-leading software that focuses exclusively on helping IT and Security admins to deploy, manage and maintain their Apple device fleet of macOS and iOS/iPadOS endpoints. Jamf also provides extensive training resources, such as its training catalog modules and Jamf Nation that focus on distributing information, sharing how-to’s and providing a space for Jamf users to network and share their knowledge with a community of other admins to help resolve issues.

This goes part and parcel with the Apple Enterprise Management (AEM) triad that make up the software applications used by admins to manage their Apple fleet, marrying it with the knowledge base and skill sets that truly help Apple admins to work smarter, not harder.

Jamf also has a dedicated team of trainers that perform hands-on trainings to suit the needs of your organization and address their professional development concerns for both Apple devices and Jamf software. The newest course in the growing roster, the 370, offers a core understanding of how to leverage Jamf Pro and Jamf Protect for the security of Mac endpoints, as well as an enterprise-focused examination of the macOS platform security.

It starts with one

Our new offering features a hands-on, example-based environment that leverages your existing Jamf Pro knowledge. The Jamf 370 Course is the best way for you (and your team) to learn to securely deploy, manage, update and protect Macs from malicious threats & attacks.

We begin by learning about the Mac security platform out of the box:

  • The basic security capabilities of macOS
  • How apps and data are inherently protected
  • App and data flow functionality
  • Limitations of native security processes

Power-up (your knowledge base)

Building upon the foundational knowledge covered prior, the course delves deeper into macOS security protections with advanced techniques to further secure your devices and safeguard the data they contain.

Next, we teach admins how they can address concerns and mitigate risks:

  • Discover technologies and features to secure Macs
  • Perform device hardening to ensure security compliance
  • Learn how to configure Macs to promote security using industry best practices
  • Work with end users to ensure security baselines for configurations

Build upon your skills

Understanding and knowing how to configure Apple’s built-in security protections will teach IT and Security admins the foundational and advanced skills needed to secure your macOS devices to meet the basic security needs. But by merging those skills with your Jamf Pro and Jamf Protect knowledge base, admins will not only compliment the baseline security in place but will grow it and be able to transition that into processes that enhance the threat detection, prevention and remediation workflows, while making short work of device management through automation.

Finally, admins will level-up their endpoint security & device management skills:

  • Use Jamf Protect to detect, prevent and eliminate Apple malware and untrusted software
  • Identify suspicious or malicious software and remove unwanted apps
  • Utilize Jamf Pro and Jamf Protect to manage and enforce security compliance
  • Analyze collected insights to perform threat hunting to uncover and remediate threats
  • Customize the end-user experience and optimize threat recovery workflows

Targeting the Pro behind Jamf

As with all Jamf’s course offerings developed squarely at Mac admins, Jamf users and IT pros wanting to beef up their Apple Enterprise Management skills, the 370 adds a large dose of security to the recipe. The focus on macOS security technologies, Jamf Protect and how they integrate with Jamf Pro to form a powerful, device and endpoint security management tool, sets this new course apart from the others, but offers security-specific information that is not splintered, but rather complimentary to the existing Jamf 100, 200, 300 and 400 Courses.

If you’re interested in obtaining pertinent information useful for individuals and organizations wanting to sign-up for the new Jamf 370 Course, including covered topics, course requirements, pre-requisites for attending and a listing of what’s included for each course attendee, visit the Jamf 370 Course website.

Ready to enroll? Register with your Training Pass through Jamf Nation or contact your Customer Success Manager or Sales Representative.

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