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December 21, 2021 by Tim Herr

Boosting employee efficiency and morale with Single Login

Shared iOS or iPadOS devices in the workplace can lead to password fatigue, as employees are forced to log in to multiple apps per shift. With Single Login for Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset, you can streamline workflows and allow your IT admins to be heroes.

For companies and institutions that heavily employ mobile devices in the workplace, it’s essential to identify pain points for your end users and areas of inefficiency in your established procedures. While some problems may be best addressed with changes to your organizational structure or policies, other will call for the help of emerging technologies to streamline workflows and empower personnel. The security of corporate and private employee data is paramount, but you still have the opportunity to introduce solutions that put your workers first.

It’s simple to provision iOS and iPadOS devices using Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, but you may find that password fatigue becomes a major problem as workers are forced to enter their credentials across multiple applications in order to accomplish a day’s work. The issue is exacerbated when your workforce uses shared mobile devices, meaning that each user must repeat the time-consuming login procedure at least once per shift, per application. Remedying this problem calls for a solution that not only reduces the number of necessary logins but also streamlines the logout process in preparation for handing over the device to the next user.

Introducing Single Login for Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset

Now you can remove the headache for your employees of repeatedly entering credentials on iOS and iPadOS devices by utilizing Single Login for the Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset software solutions. This empowers your workers to access their accounts in all the applications they need after signing in once, and at the end of a shift they can hand off the device without complications. Here’s what the new, simplified workflow looks like:

  1. The user receives the mobile device, opens the Jamf Setup app and taps the login button, entering credentials when prompted. They then receive access to all apps across the device supported by the Apple Enterprise single sign-on(SSO) framework. You can leverage MDM configuration profiles for role-based provisioning, meaning that different users of a device automatically enjoy different levels of access appropriate to their job descriptions.
  2. The iPhone or iPad is available for the duration of the user’s shift, with no additional logins needed to access individual accounts in various apps. This is possible through the Microsoft Enterprise SSO plug-in for iOS and iPadOS, which provides SSO capabilities for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) accounts.
  3. When the user finishes using the device, they simply log out via the Jamf Reset app, which ends the SSO session and puts the device back into a dormant state in preparation for the next user.

This convenience can go hand in hand with robust security practices and a high level of IT control over each device via MDM solutions. Your employees retain the advantages of using apps that are secure and customized to their individual needs without the added time and annoyance of having to repeatedly enter credentials.

Use cases for Single Login

Single Login has the potential to transform workflows in a wide variety of industries. Here are just a few examples of how it can add efficiency and ease of use to workflows:

  • Retail – Workers can seamlessly navigate among point-of-service (POS), operational resources and inventory scanners while on the floor and enjoy approved personal apps while on break.
  • Hospitality – Your front desk workers can switch between your room management solution and a web browser to answer any questions that arise; meanwhile you can share out your pool of mobile devices as needed among concierges, maintenance and housekeepers using role-based provisioning.
  • Healthcare – Doctors can check patient records and use AirPlay to cast educational content to in-room screens, while each device can also serve the functions of nurses, technicians, receptionists and more as needed.
  • Education – You have the freedom to choose whether students take devices home or return them at the end of class, but they’ll have access to all the learning applications you want – and teachers can access their own assigned content on the same devices.

Let your IT admins be the heroes

Forcing users to log in multiple times during a shift isn’t just aggravating to them; it also slows them down and breaks their concentration, and it may encourage them to skirt security best practices by writing down credentials where the wrong people can find them. By embracing this new technological solution, you can make life easier for your workforce without compromising security or administrative control. You may also find that your employees are grateful and view the IT team in a new light – and it’s never a bad thing to let your admins be their heroes.

Interested in learning more about how our innovative solutions can help to streamline your workflows? Sign up for a trial now.

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